Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Heeeey guys!

My birthday was on Monday, 12th August. I turned 24 years old.


And I thought I could share with you some of the gifts I got. I already did a wishlist, about 2-3 months ago, and I got a few things that were on it ;) wooohooooooo This year I got like almost just jewellery and lots of money!

The Chanel eyeshadow quad in 37 Variation

Konplott earrings! Not the color that was on the wishlist, since they were appearently sold out, but this color is very nice too and it's a limited edition ;)

A Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet in rose gold, not the one from the wishlist but such as beautful as the thicker version.

My best friend bought me these sweet little turquoise earrings 

and this beautiful green-purple arm candy bracelet from La Vie en Or!

I also got this H&M chain

From me to me, since had these already but broke them. I found them in my car, one glas was broken and a bit of the frame too, unrepairable! And I just can't survive the summer without these ;)


And since it was my birthday and I couldn't buy the MK bags that were on my wishlist (sold out) I went for another pair of Ray Ban glasses, with green mirroring, from the new collection.


 Might be my new favorites :D They look soooo cool

I might get a few more gifts or money when some of my friends & family are back from holidays ^^ hihiii

I love birthdays and especially presents! 

From Luxembourg with love,



  1. Thank you for sharing. You look absolutely cool in the final snapshot. Belated happy birthday! :)

  2. wonderful gifts :) the green sunnies look awesome on you!

  3. belated happy birthday and lovely sunnies -_^

  4. You got some lovely gifts! I especially love the Marc Jacobs bracelet :)

    Ivy xx

  5. Thank you all very much! I'm happy with all my gifts ;)

  6. I can't believe I missed this post D:
    Happy (really belated) Birthday!!


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