Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Summer Favorites!!!

Hi lovelies,

I saw my last chance to do this post before it's really too late. I'll guess in some places it is still summer, well not here anymore but maybe not that far away you can still call it summer weather. Fall really hit us here ;)

So my favorite products of this summer were:

Hermes Eau des Merveilles - Jil Sander Eve - NYX blush in 'Dusty Rose' - NYX blush in 'CB02 Natural' - Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in '020 Date with Ash-ton - Catrice Lash/Brow Designer - bo-ho in 'TC04 Terre de Provence' - Sleek Pout Polish in '964 Peach Perfection' - NXY lipliner pencils in '810 Natural, 843 Citrine & 845 Hot Pink' - The Balm Shelter in light - Benefit They're Real mascara - Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara - The body needs (MAC sample) in 'Impassioned' - Catrice liquid gold topper (LE) - Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Brillant Tonic for dry & damaged hair- Zoeva Mineral Highlighter in 'A53 Summer Light'  & Bronzer in 'B53 Sun over Shoulder' - Chanel in '667 Bel-Argus - Essence in '138 L.O.L - P2 in '010 adorable, 030 seductive & 060 strict' - Pandora (no name or #) - Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer in '002 Sand' - L'Oréal Elnett Sation 230C Heat Protection

On my face:

The Balm Shelter: is a tinted moisturizer/BB cream with an SPF of 18! This summer I didn't feel like wearing a heavy foundation on my face. I tried a few BB creams but I didn't like any of them except this one. The others made my face look like orange and the balm shelter adapted my skin tone. I love the smell of it and it leaves a polished complexion on your skin. Very hydrating and I love the fact that it has an SPF of 18 which makes it perfect for summer. I also liked to use it for gym ;) I used it so often but it still feels like it's full, I'm gonna definitely buy a new one when it's empty!!! (I should show you how I do a no makeup makeup look with it) Zoeva Mineral Hightlighter & Bronzer: These are new products by Zoeva Cosmetics, launced this summer and the names of them 'Summer Light' & 'Sun over Shoulder' already tell you that they were made for summer :) I never used to use mineral highlighter, bronzer or even blush but they are very good actually. I forgot to include some of their mineral blushes but I think I'll do a all Zoeva products post soon in which I will talk more about their products and show some swatches ;) bo-ho Terre de Provence: is a terracotta blush/bronzer! I got this wonderful product in one of my Deauty boxes. You can use it only on your cheekbones or as a bronzer all over your face. It gives you a healty glow. It's 100% natural, no parabens, no mineral oils, no phenoxyethanol & no PEG!!! Rimmel London Hide the Blemish concealer: conceals perfectly spots, blemishes and is also nice for under the eye area! NYX Dusty Rose: is a light rose blush that is very high pigmented and has a few sparkles in it. NYX Natural: is a rouge cream blush! OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blush. It's the only cream blush I have (how come that? I don't know!). It so highly pigmented that you barely need some of it and it blends perfectly in. I really need to get more of their cream blushes the next time or even try other cream blushes!!! :D

On my eyes:

Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara: has a great brush that curls your lashes very nice throught and puts the right amound of mascara on them and the do not stick together. You can even brush throught afterwards. This is the kind of mascara the more your brush throught your lashes the better and more stunning they turn out. Benefit They're Real mascara: do I actually have to say something to this mascara? I think this product speaks for itself. Sephora's bestseller products #1!!! It sells like every 5 seconds. And it is worth it's money! Catrice liquid gold topper: this is a limited edition launced this summer. You can use it as a topper or all over your lid as a color. It sparkles and sparkles and you'll never see more gold then this little products provides. Catrice eye brow stylist: this is actually a lighter shade than I normally use on my brows but this summer. What made me buy it? The name! hahaaa I immediately thought of Ashton Kutcher LOL I decided to keep my brows a bit lighter and now for fall I'll wear a more bold look ;) Catrice lash/brow designer: defines and holds the brows in shape!

On my lips:

Sleek Pout Polish: in 'Perfect Peach' is a moistruzing tinted balm for the lips! It has a SPF of 15 which gives enought moisture and protection for your lips in summer. They come in a wide range of shades from dark to light. The Body Needs MAC sample: in 'Impassioned' is a nice color for summer. I put it mostly after I used my NYX hot pink lippencil (all over the lips = which gives it a longer lasting ;)) If you don't know about these MAC samples or wanna see a swatch of it click >>> HERE <<< NYX lipliner pencils: in '810 Natural, 843 Citrine & 845 Hot Pink'. I used these as a base for lipsticks but mostly I used them alone, all over my lips which is sometimes a good alternative to lipsticks and the lasting can be even longer than some lipsticks.

On my nails:

Chanel le vernis: in '667 Bel-Argus' is such a stunning metalic blue color. It's looks like the sea on your nails ^^ Essence Color & Go: in '138 L.O.L. This color is really fun. It's lemon green and very unique in my eyes! P2 Sand Style polishes: in '010 adorable, 030 seductive & 060 strict': OMG I love these!!!! BTW adorable looks like OPI Teenage Dream to me ;) Pandora: I got this for free when I bought something at their shop =D heheeeee It looked to me like a Tiffany blue color in the bottle but it's more grass green, which is a nice color for summer ;) Unfortunately, I can't tell you the number or name of it because there is no written on it :O

I might includes some swatches the next days when I found some time ;)
On my hair:


Schwarzkopf GLISS KUR Brillant Tonic: is a treat for dry and damaged hair. It gives the hair more shine. After you washed and dried your hair, you put this in without rinsing! It also smells amazing!!! L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin: is a very good heat protection you apply in your hair before drying and smoothing it! This one is especially for smooth hair and give it a 3 days smoothing.

Favorite fragrances:

HÉRMES - Eau des Merveilles: Eau de toilette 30ml. I wanted this fragrance for years and it was always just the price of it that made me not buy it! Until I recently discovered a 30ml bottle of it that was affordable in my eyes. It smells like Amber, wood and has  a hint of orange to it. I also think that the bottle looks very cute =D And this is the only thing I owe of HERMES. At least one thing! Good for the beginning. Jil Sander - EVE: Eau de toilette 30ml. This is my holy grail!!!! The smell of it is described as: perfect harmony of wild rose, Arabian jasmine and violet, laid on the basis of cashmere accords and cadence of Indonesian patchouli. I fell in love with it once I got the sample of it and from then on I bought this over and over again. I need like 5-7 bottles a year of it. hahaaa It smells like summer all over the year and I get so many compliments on it! I already made like 3 other people buy it and they love it as much as I do now ;D

OH NOO, one of these post that unintentionally turn into a roman XD I hope you still enjoyed it! I just couldn't stop myself!

BTW if you wonder why there are no other eyeshadows included in this post, it's simply because I didn't have no specific favorite eyeshadow colors. I used almost every day an other color.

Have a nice day!


  1. I've actually only tried two products from your list: Benefit They're Real & Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara. I would love to try Sleek products.

    By the way, what is "The Body Needs"? :/

    xo Jiawun

    1. Sleek products are really really great and soooo cheap :D

      The body needs is a shop which sells their own brand and also mac samples, if you click on the link above where I mention the brand, it will direct you to another blogspost in which I show the products I already bought from them and what it actually is ;)


  2. So many nice products!
    I would love to try NYX's blushes! I've heard so many good things about them.
    They're Real mascara is also an amazing product!
    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  3. i don't want summer to be over :) i'm also very fond of the boho powder :)

  4. Gin zwee Benefit They're Real mascaraen :) ass et deen vir lang Wimpern oder deen vir Volumen? merci


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