Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MAC Samples From The Body Needs Shop!

Hey my sweeties

I already announced this post yesterday on Instagram and here we go!

Some time ago, I placed 2 orders at the ++++ THE BODY NEEDS ++++ shop.
So you probably wonder what this shop is about?! You can order makeup from their own brand 'The Body Needs' or they also offer MAC Cosmetics samples. Yes, you heard right! MAC samples!!!!!!!! :) That means that they take the original lipsticks, pigments, etc, and put them in little containers.

Why I'm sure that they are real? 
Before I placed my order, I did some researches on Blogger and Youtube and all the bloggers claim it to be real. That was the mean reason why I trust this shop!
I'm talking about beauty bloggers that are more into makeup than I am and that have more experience with Mac products. I really trust those people! And 'if' I bought fake, they have too (which I really don't think so). I have some Mac lipsticks and I just can say that they smell the same and I can't find any negatives about the pigmentations as well. For me it is a 100% MAC.



Your next question might be 'Why did she order twice?'.
Non US residents can only place orders up to a certain amount!!!!!
In my case, since I live in Luxembourg (EU), it is only 22€. Which is really really a shame. And while I went through all the MAC samples I would like to try, I ended up at 50$. So that's why I basically decided to split the order and place my second order after my first order would be shipped. It think that the other Europeen countries don't vary much from Luxembourg, it's probably also a sum between 20-24€.

First order:



I actually also ordered MAC 'Candy Yum Yum' but that was a gift for a friend of mine that's why it's not included in this post!

MAC Violet Pigment Sample


This was love love love! I'm already planning a new order just of pigments!!!! I really need more of these. And they have the perfect amound of product for someone like me that isn't actually using pigments and only starting.

About the pigments: All MAC pigment and glitter samples come in a 5 gram double walled clear/screw top jar with a sifter cap. They have different prices but most of them are about 3$ which would be around 2,30€ for one little sample.

Second order:


Beautiful colors and althought I haven't put them on yet I must say I really like the way 'Please Me' looks like and also 'Ruby Woo' which has a matt finish to it ^^ 

About the lipsticks: All the lipsticks are 0,5g and cost 3,79$ each which would be around 3€ in Europe. The turn containers are not that good, you have to be really carefull otherwise you can easily break them. They remind me more of the adhensive Pritt than a normal lipstick cantainer.

This is the free lipstick I got with my second order, it's from the brand The Body Needs themself and called 'Cloyingly Coral'. Pigmentation is really nice and coral is a nice color to wear at the moment ^^

I kind of broke already Mac Up The Amp when I was holding them all in one hand dropped this one xD but I guess I'll use a lipbrush for it and this is a color I doubt wearing much anyway.


Size of the products: The pictures you see of the MAC products at TBN shop are the full time products!!!!!!! You won't get those sizes but the ones mentionned above!!!!!!

Shipping: If you are a non US resident and living like me in Europe, it can take up to 6 weeks until you receive your order. I heard some bloggers happen to receive them already 2 weeks after but also experienced the 6 weeks periods of waiting. Shipping & Handling costs 11,95$! They are not included in the 22€ tax free sum, both of my orders were for example in total for about 37$ ;)

Containers: The paintpot and pigment containers are quite good but the lipstick containers are quite annoying. Be carefull while turning!!! I recommand using lipbrushes for them, since they don't have the normal form of a lipstick anyway and it's severe to apply them directly on the lips because of their flat forms.

BTW: The lipsticks are NOT already dirty from using, some of the colors just seem to got in between of the container. The color is just stuck inside and I'm not able to clean it up from the outside.

I will definitely order again at that shop :D I think it's an amazing idea to offer such a service since not all of us can afford full size MAC products and sometimes you just don't need full size products. Let's be honest MAC is damn expensive hahaa
Also it gives you the great opportunity to try colors you probably wouldn't buy. Also doesn't MAC delivery to all countries, TBN does. And I like ordering makeup from a brand I already know online because when I'm at the MAC store I tend to spend A LOT of time in front of their stuff and it takes me so much time till I make a decision for a product, especially for the lipsticks, I always wanna swatch them all. lol

For more questions or if you want me to give you a link to a Youtube video, leave a comment bellow!!!

Thank you for reading! 




  1. MAC is too expensive in Europe :<
    And I get this type of service. You get to try a lot of colors and decide in what you should invest :3 (at least I see it in that way)

    1. Exactly! The lipsticks I really like and wear a lot I can buy in full size later. And for the pigments, the size of the samples is enough for me ;)


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