Sunday, June 23, 2013

About That Bracelet Holder!

Bonsoir mes amis,

If you follow me on Instagram (IRSADAxROCKs) you might have seen my new bracelet holder I posted! Here are some more pictures and informations about it.



I love how it perfectly fits in the left corner of my Malm dressing table together with lots of more jewellery!!! ^^ But I have to add that not all my bracelts and watches fitted on it or it was enough space for them.

Where I bought this three watch-bracelet holder? I bought it on ebay, it costs 18€/24$. Actually it's >>> THIS <<< one. Also available in red! It's very simple to build up.

Criticism: Unpacking, I noticed that the synthetic leather is really really bad, it has as you can see lots of visible indetations from the storage or maybe their from the delivery box. I can't really say where these little circles come from. I wasn't very pleased at the first moment when I unpacked "this" and felt betrayed to be honest. Then I put it together and decided to give it a try. Which turned out to be fine after all my bracelets covered the "damaged" spots. But I also noticed that the quality of the whole thing was even worse when I noticed while adding all the stuff on it that as soon a bracelet was on it that it already stamped its form on it.

Do I deny my purchase? Hmmm, I'd say a bit. I still love how the result looks like thought. And since I decided to leave all the bracelts like this, it's put in the right spot to hide the defect places.

Conclusion: If you don't mind for quality at all, this might be a nice purchase but maybe you find another one of better quality or decide to go for a black one or one that is out of velvet ;)

Have a nice week!



  1. It looks really nice to store bracelets :o
    I don't have too many fact I usualy only use a really simple "fake-pearl" bracelet (shame on me for not using the other ones).
    But again, It's sad the material isn't that good :<

    Please take care!

  2. great great super great :) think i'll be ordering one too,looks much better than the mess i have in my jewelry drawer :)

    1. China Qualiteit halt ;) mais den Resultat geseit wirklech besser aus wei firdrun :)


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