Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HOW TO : Put On Nailpolish Like A Pro!

Hollaaaaa girls ^^

I thought it would be nice to show you how I personally paint my nails and I also saw that some of my readers that I follow back might have their difficulties with that so in today's post it's all about that HOW TO. If you scroll down and look at my last post which was a NOTD post you can see the way it should look like (in my eyes).

Let's be honest I used to have my difficulties with it too when I began buying nailpolish and even started my blog, I was such an amateur. I used to do it the way I thought it should be done. How could I knew back then that it needs so much more for the perfect laquered nails ;)

This is how you should start off:

 (Credits unknown; google)

BTW my favorite topcoat is the SECHE VITE topcoat. Just a miracle come true and so fast drying! ;)

And I also have a good video I found on YouTube that might be helpfull in case the picture above isn't that clear!!!

(credits to Fairy Doll Nails!!!)

My tips and DOs!!!!

Cuticle remover:

You apply some of the cuticle remover all around your cuticles, then you wait 15 seconds and then you slightly push your cuticles back. I suggest you to do one hand by the other and start with your left hand! They recommand to do this once a week. It's easier than you think it is, it doesn't hurt at all and it's so fast done.

Just in case you are wondering what I'm talking about and don't know what/where cuticles are, it is the pink surrounded area bellow:

Nail art pen:

You probably wonder why you need this?! Let me tell you something! This is actually just a great secret tip I can give you ;) In case you touch your cuticles and side walls while applying the nailpolish (step 3 to 7) you can take one of these two sides, depending on whether it is a lot or just a bit and they will like automatically remove all the excess color before it dries and give you the perfect applying look ;) I hope you understood what I meant with this!

And for bigger nail polish mistakes, you can use one of these nail polish corrector pencils, that you can get everywhere where you can also buy nailpolsih, to erase the excess. I think I don't have to show you what they look like.

Cuticle cream:

Such as you have to cream your hands often to keep them hydrated and smooth, I highly recommand you to do the same for your cuticles!!!! Believe me good looking cuticles are often already the key to perfect looking nails. And these creams are like magic potions, you can see already a difference from one day to the other! You can do this every day. P2 has really nice cuticles creams that I can recommand, with lots of different flavors. (Only available in Germany)

- I highly recommand you to NOT cut of your cuticles UNLESS you are a pro and learned how to do it ;) Otherwise this might end up really bad! You can cause more harm than good, from bleeding cuticles to infections.

- DON'T bite your nails!!!!! That's the biggest NO GO.

I hope this was a helpfull post!!!! If you have another question about this topic, don't be shy and leave a comment, I will answer asap ^^

Keep the polish rolling!



  1. very very helpful :) i'm so bad at nail painting,i can barely make it without coloring my whole hand haha :)

  2. So many good tips *-*
    My biggest problem is that my nails are realllyyyyy fragile. I'm using a strengthener from Sally Hansen because of that.Other wise my nails break really easily ;;W;;
    Thank you for the wonderful tips! Please Take Care,

    1. Maybe you should try to keep them short for a while until they are healthy looking again. What I also like to do before applying any nailpolish is to file them all off, wash them, then use a nailpolish remover AGAIN (just slightly) and then I apply some hardener or just random whitening base. + all the tips given above ;))

  3. That was interesting :D
    I think I use the same tecnique but i am a bit messy ahahah. I have one of those pens that takes the nailpolish from de fingers when I mess up ^-^

    1. The more you practise the better it gets! Maybe you should do it slower. I think when you do your nails you should really take some time to do it right ;) Sometimes I takes me an hour until I'm done. (shame on me) :D


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