Friday, May 24, 2013

Deauty box of Mai!


Once again I received a deauty box! This month's products:

This month I got 5 products and they all seem to be realted to protect the skin and hair from the sun :)

Garnier Ambre Solaire - BB Cream SPF30 (50 ml)

"Garnier's new innovative sun cream. Thanks to it's SPF of 30 it protects the skin and low-necked from UVA and UVB radiance. No stains, wrinkles and other photoaging + you won't need any other foundation. It's hydrating and protection guarantee a smooth and supple skin, even in the sun." Full size: 50 ml & price: 11,99.

I put it on this morning and I must say I kind of love it, it really doesn't look like a bomb of tan cream exploded on my face but it really blends with the natural skin tone. I like that it has a SPF of 30 cuz I tend to get a sun burn easily. Now I only need some more sun to be able to benefit from it completly. This is a full size product which costs nearly 12€, which is almost the price I pay for my deauty box (15€) so it pays totally off. :D

Klorane -  Oat Milk Shampoo (100 ml)

"Our hair tends to be damaged at this time of the year: sun exposition, salt water, drying, chlorine from the swimming pool and other things. This shampoo of oat milk from Klorane is an unconditional for the most sensitive scalps and the weakest hair. Also a protector of extern agressions and facilitates disentangling. Maybe your new best friend?" Full size: 100 ml & price 5 €.

Really need to try this out since I do have sensitive hair and this would be a dream come true if it really works.

Avène - After Sun Repair Milk (50 ml)

"Nothing better than the feeling of the sun on the skin. Good protection? But you know that already. But taking care of the skin doesn't end there. In order to keep your new tan for a longer time and also for a supple skin you have to go further. And who else than Avène could guarantee that? This after sun repair milk by Avène soothes, calms the rednesses, hydrates and restaures the skin barrier. Easy to travel with and you can take it with you everywhere you go." Full size: 200 ml & price: 15,70 €.

Once again an Avène product! I love this brand and I had some stuff from them before so I am really pleased to get more and more of their great products because for me they always worked well and I don't have any doubts that this one will be different but in case I hate it I'll let you know ;)

Lamazuna - 2 Reausable Cleansing

"Innovation? Neo beauty? Miracle? Call it what you want! Lamazuna makes it easy the everyday with a new technique to remove makeup: the ecological cleaning wipe. You moistrize it with hot water, then put it on the eyes for a few minutes and then pass it on on the rest of the face and MAGIC, your skin is clean again. The best? You can use these again and again even after washing them 300 times from 40 to 90 degrees." Full size: 2 cleaning wipes & price: 4 €.

OMG, this sounds amazing. Gonna try them tonight for the first time :D

bo-ho - sun powder/bronzer in Terra Cotta (9 g)

"Nothing better than a little hint of a tan on the skin for a healthy glow. Don't you feel better when you get to know that it's 100% natural? Without parabens, without mineral oils, without phenoxyethanol, without PEG, Bo-Ho has drawn up a real terracotta oven of 8 hours to give you a thin and light texture, a hydration and a excellent holding. You put it on the forehead, the nose and the cheekbones for a fresh and radiant complexion." Full size: 9 g & price 12,95 €.

This was love on the first sight!!!!!!!! I really wanted a new bronzer in that color and than I got it, like they knew I was looking for it. So it's vegan... yay. And once again a full size product that costs almost 13 € (almost the price of the box).

Final thoughts: I'm more than happy with this month's deauty box! Now I only need some more sun to be able to really use these :D




  1. You beauty box's are wayyyyy better than the one we have here T__T
    You got really amazing products!
    Please Take Caree!

  2. Our beauty boxes suck -.-
    I love avene products. It smells so good.


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