Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A different lipstick as you probably know and use

Let me introduce you to the Astor Perfect Stay (transferproof lip tint & care) "Lipstick"
#201 Red Energy
It's definitely a different lipstick than you probably know and use.
All I can say about this product is: no transfer, no smudging - all day!!!!! And the Balm gives you extra comfort & shine. So, lipstick and balm, 2 in 1.
How to use it? Well there are 2 steps. First step: apply the red color.

 Second step: apply the anti-dryness Balm. I know, I know, VERY simple. And you don't have to worry that it will break off like an ordinary lipstick AND you can draw you lip lines easier with this product

And here you can see how it looks on me.

When you first use it, it feels very strange but then it becomes comfort and you won't miss any of your other lipsticks.

Also I need to include that the price for this product is only ±4,50€

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