Monday, December 31, 2012

PARIS baby - My impressions!

Hello people,

I went to Paris on Thursday for one day. We took the first train "TGV" early in the morning and the last one in the evening. It was a short trip of only one day but I felt full filled after since it was my first time in Paris and who doesn't want to go there one day. We are talking about the city of love and the fashion metropolis ;)


Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to go on the Eiffel tower itself since it was pretty cold underneath it when we got there, that moment it also started raining and there were too many people waiting so we decided to skip it.

Still can't believe I actually was there even if I have pictures that prove it XD So unbelievable, it feels more like a dream, a really good one ^^

Me and my friend Mersida (which I introduced you to some posts ago, skroll down to see). I was there with her and her husband Haris, which is my cousin. ^^ We had a great time together.

Me in the streets of Paris!

In front of the Louvre!!! The sun just got out that moment so we were really lucky being able to take beautiful pictures in front of the Louvre :)

My outfit 
(In case you've been wondering)
scarf: handmade by my aunt :)
camouflage jacket: Zara
black pants: Zara
studded bag: H&M
boots: Belle Woman
And of course I stopped by to see my friend Lisa :)

I got to see lots of other sights like Notre-Dame, Champs-Elysées, Le jardin de Luxembourg, the Seine river and a few more!

I didn't buy much. I only bought a few little Eiffel tower keychains for friends ...


... and a MAC palette! I actually went to two MAC stores because they didn't had the 4th color I wanted for my palette but I kind of didn't pay attention when I was at the 2nd store and bought the color I wanted in a paint pot... so I guess you'll see a HOW TO RE-POT YOUR MAC EYESHADOW post pretty soon ;) The rest of the money I spent on food and taxis. There wasn't much affordable, Paris is really an expensive city. I went shopping at the famous Lafayette and Printemps galeries where you can find all high end brands (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Céline, Ralph Lauren, Lancel, IKKS, Rolex, Porenza Schouler Marc Jacobs, etc...) The things I liked I couldn't buy and there was also lots of stuff I can also find in my city.

The colors I got for my palette are:

Cranberry, All that glitters, Vanilla and Satin Taupe (paint pot)

I already miss this amazing city and I'm definitely gonna go there next year (2013) again. I don't know yet when but I hope it will be when it's good weather and next time I will take more money with me. Also I haven't seen Sacre Coeur, the triumphal arch and the famous cemetary Père Lachaise where Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and other famous aritists are burried... And of course next time I have to go on top of the Eiffel tower for sure :D

The only thing I didn't like was that there where way too many people everywhere, you couldn't look at the things you wanted to, you had to wait till somebody moves and there were always people walking slowly in front of you so that you got pissed off. Also I thought that the service wasn't good, at least where we ate, the waiters/tresses were slow and forgot a lot -.- 

It was an exhausting trip too, you definitely need more than 1 day to see the whole city. One day of walking killed me so much that I probably lost almost 2 kilos on that one day, I probably made at least 35 km by foot.

From Paris with Love,




  1. paris looks beautiful! sounds like you had a great time!

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  3. Lucky! I also wish to visit Paris someday. lovely pictures!


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