Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday presents!


Since my birthday was some time ago (12th August) I wanted to share my birthday gifts with you! I love presents, who doesn't? It's the only great point about getting older!

I had to wait 2-3 weeks to do this post because most of my family members and friends were having their annual holidays somewhere abroad and it's more fun when you see everything in one post.

Starting with the first gift! My mother left me some money before leaving for her holiday trip and when I was 2 days before my birthday at an outlet where they had an Swarovski store I discovered the one chain from Swarovski that I wanted ever since I entered a Swarovski store for the very first time. It was 1/4 cheaper than at the normal stores and since this was the last one left I couldn't resist buying it anymore, I just had to buy it :D The reason I didn't actually buy it before was because I have another similar necklace also by Swarovski, also with a purple heart, but smaller than this one and somehow another lighter purple than this, I received it about 3 years ago from my best friend. She bought the wrong one xD hahaaaaa She wanted to buy me this necklace below but took the wrong one. 

Some of my closest friends collected their money and bought me these unique Chanel earrings which I love very very much. They are huge and bling bling bling and I will only wear them for special occasions cuz I'm already scared to lose them.

A co worker got me these Konplott earrings with turquoise stones. They are simple and that makes them perfect for the everyday.


My best friend got me this year this wonderful double Stardust bracelet by Swarovski from their new collection <3 You an also wear it as a necklace. I already took some pictures that I'll show you in another post.

Another good friend got me this sheer lace t-shirt and bought me the Anastasia dip brow pomade in 'Chocolate' which I wanted to try for a very long time already. :) yaaaaaaaaay

And since I got some money from one of my aunts, I ordered myself the Anastasia Amrezy eyeshadow palette, which I will soon present you ;)

Since I kind of always by myself something for my birthday, a gift from me to me lol 
I know that's crazy!!! Like who the hell does that??? hahaahaaaa Well meeeeeeeee xD
It's something by Louis Vuittion... can you guess what? :D I'll show you soon in another post heheee

I also got some money from my aunts and other family members... which I spend way too fast.

This year I felt very spoiled but also blessed! Thank you to everyone who got me a gift or gave me some money!!!!!! And a huge thank you to my friends who joined me on a lovely evening with some nice dinner and a great time at bowling.
I love you guys :***



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