Friday, December 19, 2014

My experience with the Zigavus Extra Plus Garlic Shampoo!

Hi guys,

I wanted to share my experience with the Zigavus Extra Plus garlic shampoo with you! I know what you must think now, garlic shampoo? Ihhhhhhh how can somebody only use that and what is it good for??? Well, don't worry! This shampoo might be made out of garlic but it doesn't smell like it at all otherwise I wouldn't have tried it xD

Zigavus Extra Plus Garlic/Knoblauch Shampoo




Effects: It takes effect within 10 days when regularly used. It prevents hair loss and straightens hair follicles.
It makes hair healty, vivid resistant and strong, and prevents hair loss thanks to the rich substances in its garlic extract.
The garlic extract shampoo helps you clean the dead layer of epidermis sensitively and prevents dandruff formation. It helps your hair have its natural beauty.
Those who have been hair implanted can use this product with no problem.

Use: Apply a certain amount of shampoo to your hair by first massaging the shampoo over your wet hair, then rinse. Apply the same procedure for a second time and wait for 2-3 minutes. Therefore, the substances within the garlic extract will penetrate into the hair skin. Rinse your hair with plenty of water finally. Do not use any other products in order to benefit from the Zigavus Garlic Shampoo.

Before and after the Zigavus treatment!!!

fyi: I tried to take the pictures from the same distance as good as I could and my pony tail should be at the same place as usual. Also if my hair seems lighter on the right picture it's because I have more highlights in it.

So as you can see, my hair is longer than it was almost two months before the treatment and you have to consider the fact that I was also at the hairdresser and got my hair also cut for about 1-2 cm since it was time again.

I do believe that it's also a bit thicker than it was and slightly more healthier looking, althought I am such a catastrophe when it comes to my hair cuz I'm always straightening it or curling it and often forget to put some oil in it and it's dry as straw almost always anyway.

What I also liked about the shampoo, is that I didn't lose much hair while washing as I did before with other shampoos. Concerning that I would really recommand this to anybody who has a big hair loss problem.

So do I believe that my hair growth was influenced by this shampoo???
My hair does actually grow fast but since I was at the hairdresser and got it cut I would say yes I do believe that this shampoo helped me. A few friends of mine also noticed that my hair is longer :D so I guess this was the prove for me.

If you're interested in buying this shampoo I ordered mine at, for 150 ml you have to pay 20 €, shipping is 4,10 € and you can pay with paypal. I think the price is okay for such a special treatment and since you don't need a big amount of it, only a hazelnut, it can last up to almost 2 months I would say.

I will order and use this again whenever I feel it's time again!!!

Thanks for reading
and have some nice holidays ;)




  1. Wow, I had no idea that garlic had that functionality for hair! It's great to know that this doesn't smell like garlic at all.

    Your hair looks so great!

  2. Hi I need help in purchasing this product I visited the website and I translated it to English , but I didn't see check out quantity nothing ... May you please help me if you can .. Thank you and BTW your hair looks fabulous my IG name is rubiabarbielips1229

    1. Thanks for the kind words :) I'll follow of course back!
      Concerning the webpage: So you select the english version, then on the buttom of the page you have 3 options (products, certifications & information), you click on products, then you choose the shampoo which is the first product and then you are able to put it in your bag, then you have to click on the right upper corner on the bag and after that you are able to buy it when you click below on the right side on 'Kasse' (idk why they didn't translate it fully)


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