Thursday, December 11, 2014

Makeup haul : Sleek Arabian Nights palette - I heart makeup blushes - Makeup Revolution

Hello back again!!!

Did you miss me? Cuz it's been almost 2 months since my last post. Sorry for that! Now if you wonder what happened. Life happened. I was busy working, also working out and constantly tired, way too tired and busy to find some time to do post and everytime I was motived to take pictures, my photo programm was on strike and didn't do things I wanted it to do. I also decided to take some time off blogging to return with full motivation and new inspiration. While I was on blogging break I also finally managed to find a new job that I will start on the 2nd of january yaaaaaaaaaay :D 

Good new are, I will earn like the triple I did before and that also means I will soon be able to afford more makeup and other great things LOL

But to come back to my actual blog post, I'm starting with a makeup haul, ordered this stuff a month ago but as already said didn't find the energy and time to upload all these pictures, so here we go... haul:

They promoted the new I <3 makeup brand on their facebook page and that's how these heart shaped blushes got my attention. They immediately reminded me of the too faced heart blushes, which I don't owe yet but remember that raise I'll be given in January, we'll change that soon and then I can even tell you if these are also dupes to them or just a copy cat. Ordered also the Makeup Revolution kajal, yeah also because of the packaging, since I always wanted to try these kind of kajals. And last but not at all least, the Sleek Arabian Nights palette! Don't ask me how many Sleek palettes I owe meanwhile. I can't tell until I look it up.

I <3 makeup triple baked blushes + hightlighter

From left to right: Candy Queen of Hearts - Peachy Keen Heart - Hightlighter

There were one or two more blushes but I only wanted to try these two for the beginning. And this brand also has a bronzer but it didn't make any sense for me to buy a bronzer in winter so I only went for the highlighter because highlighter you can wear every season :)

Blushing Hearts - Candy Queen of Hearts:


Blushing Hearts - Peachy Keen Heart:


The two blushes seemed quite pigmented while swatching them. When you apply them on the cheeks you don't need much product, they apply easy but fade away after a few hours so you need to do a touch up. I find it hard to only use one color, you always seem to take some of the color next to it too but thumbs up that they turned out to be better than I thought and they don't leave any fall out.

 Goddes of Love -  triple baked highlighter :


When I'm swatching this with my fingers it seems pretty pigmented but while using a brush there was almost no payoff or difference over my cheek bone. Also the blushes are very shimmery and there is no need using this highlighter with them. I'm a bit disappointed, I wonder if the bronzer has a similar payoff or is as quite as pigmented as the blushes.

Makeup Revolution Black Kajal

Once again I fell for the packaging and because my sister in law, who is Algerian, is always using one of these, but I think hers is high end cuz this one doesn't perform that well. I only used it so far on my waterline and I believe these are actually only for that. It's okay but doesn't knock me from my seat. They are better ordinary kajals out there!

Sleek i-Divine Arabian Nights eyeshadow palette

This also has a really beautiful packaging but I fell more for the name of it, who doesn't love arabian eyes? I'm a huge fan of these looks. I'm not one of these people who throws away all kind of makeup packages lol I'm keeping some in a drawer... yeah I know why actually?! I don't know I just can't throw away something as nice as this. Since this is a limited edition palette I ordered one for me and one for a friend.


It has a mix of smokey colorful but also neutral colors. Some of the colors are shimmery, some more metalic and others have a satin or frosted finish. The texture of them is great and they are easy to blend.


I like Gold Souk, Sultan's Garden, Simbad's Seas and Valley of Diamonds a lot. I'm very happy with this purchase. And I can't wait to use green with blue and add some gold or aubergine to it. Lots of combinations are possible with this palette! :)

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  1. I haven't tried anything from here but...those blushes!!! too pretty <3

  2. Wow – I love the pictures! Want all this stuff, too. You’re making me jealous!
    Also the design of your whole blog is really pretty, girl! ♡
    I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going! ♡ ♡

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