Sunday, July 8, 2012


I LOVE sales!

These are the new goodies I grabbed during the last 10 days of SALES here in Luxembourg :D

They were 70% cheaper than usually! OMG I still can't believe I got them so cheap. Guess I'm lucky.

Let's have a closer look!

Helena Rubinstein Wanted Eyes Palette in 04 moonlight blue:

This is my first item by Helena Rubinstein :) Let's hope not the last.

3 beautiful blue colors from very light to very dark and 1 white color!


Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter in 002 highlighting peach:

This is a peachy highlighting blush! I would say perfect for my far skin, but haven't tried it yet.

Let get to the Urban Decay eyeshadows :)

If you don't know it so far, I'm gonna repeat how much I love the Urban Decay products! And of course I couldn't stop myself when I saw some of the shadows in sales!!!!
There were of course more shadows but I owed pretty much all of them lol not in the form of these but included in the Urban Decay 15th anniversary eyeshadow collection and the Naked 2 palette I owe. (Click on the links to see)
These 3 I didn't have so far, and just needed them too to complete my collection of UD eyeshadows ;P

Starting with "Stardust BOBBY DAZZLE":

Which is a dirty white color with a touch of simmery peach in it!
I bought already once a single eyeshadow from the Stardust collection, Retrograde! And I thought it was time to get him a little friend ;)

Urban Decay "Mary Jane":

A very beautiful blue-greyish color which I have been wearing almost all day this week ^^ (pics coming very soon) I also love the name of this one.

Urban Decay "Polyester Bride":

This is a shimmery white color! Similar to Bobby Dazzle but not that dirty and more shimmering white particles.

Last but not least, OPI Planks a lot:

Very nice purple color. Review coming!

So that's it for the moment! Of course I will make some more exclusif reviews about these products after testing them ;)

BTW I'm gonna post my new giveaway, to celebrate my almost 1000 followers, in the next 2 days!!!!

Merci et à la prochaine!




  1. Love the Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter! Only 12 e!? You're so lucky! :)

  2. Love Urban Decay "Polyester Bride", this is a beautiful colors! :)


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