Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready for fall/winter! - New in

Hi guys,

It's been about time for a new post and this time I 'm showing you the stuff I'm gonna wear this fall/winter.

Starting with my new jacket by Zara which is what I call a two in one jacket since it has on one side fur (fake) and on the other you can take it out and wear it as a thinner version. That's what I'm doing right at the moment. I'm waiting until it gets colder to put in the fur in ;)

This is actually not a new jacket I got it last year, it's by H&M. I love wearing only a trench coat when it's not that cold and raining outside. Then I just take this trench coat out of the closet and combine it with a fluffy scarf.


My new scarf in taupe! Bought at New Yorker.

My new shoes! Yes they are green, and that's what I like about them. They were calling my name when I pasted them at the store. I bought them in Germany at Deichmann.


I offered myself a new enveloppe clutch with long silver hardware that I can pull out or just leave in the bag.


And I got this smaller clutch with lots of skulls, also with hardwear.


And this clutch fits perfectly with my boots for this winter that are also full of skulls and stars! :)

These are the shoes I was wearing on Halloween (scroll down to see post), these are Jeffrey Campbell look alikes. I bought them at a german shop named Rose Moda in Trier for about 25€ and I must say they kept me away from buying the original Jeffrey Campbell Litas since they were so cheap but so comfy.

 And these are btw the stuff I bought a few months ago but didn't show you. I loved wearing this grey scarf this summer on days that weren't that sunny.

And the shoes are very comfortable so as I couldn't decide back then which pair to take I bought them both. ^^

I will be soon introducing you to my fall/winter nail polish picks :)

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  1. Absolutely love all of these!! Especially the enveloppe clutch!! Where did you get it???

    1. I bought it at a local store! Not a high brand. Where are you from?

  2. Aw you changed your blog design? I liked the old one but I think this is much clearer and structured! The taupe scarf looks lush! you know I'm a taupe-addict haha :) xx

    1. Yeahhh It bothered me that you couldn't see parts of the blog roll, giveaways and labels! I know about your taupe love ^^ Wait until you see my taupe polish in one of the following posts :D

  3. oh! So many nice things!! I totally love your boots!

    1. Thank you Diana :D
      I practically wear them every day since I got them, people probably start thinking I don't owe any other.

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