Friday, November 2, 2012

My favorite summer items! (belated post)


Before I never do this post, here it is! XP

These were kind of my summer favorites!
I wanted to do this post weeks ago, but somehow I always told myself tomorrow tomorrow… but now you can finally see my picks.

This summer I was keeping my eyes pretty much colorfull! I was wearing most of the time blue colors.
From L to R: Maybelline Turquoise Glamour, Urban Decay Mary Jane, Sephora Jumbo liner in purple and gold

Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Turquoise Glamour; because I had this summer lots of turquoise accessories.

Urban Decay "Mary Jane"; one of the best blue colors ever. You can use it always, not only for summer :)

Sephora Jumbo liners; which are waterproof! Unfortunately I had no holidays over the summer in which I could have gone to a beach and dive my head into some ocean water but I bet these colors would have stayed on their place. They are pretty good pigmented but you can also blend them out to take away the hardness of the color and make the eyes look more smokey and smooth! I did both.

I also used at the end of summer Maybelline color tattoo in permanent taupe a lot but I got it very late since it was sold out forever -.- (review comming very soon)

On my skin I was practically wearing only this powder "Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey" which I used over a moistrizer. It has a SPF of 15 which I thought was enought for this summer as it wasn't that hot at my place anyway. I think a powder is better ass a foundation in summer as it always feels so heavy in summer.

Benefit Coralista… Do I have to say more? This might be the summer blush in general ^^ The blush you might find/see in every Summer pics post/video. And so it is a favorite of mine cuz the color is just perfect for summer and so easy to apply.

Essence sun club oil control paper… wich absorbs excess oil on your skin. Really good for skin that tends to get oily after some time.

And my favorite summer item of all!!!!! Save the best for last: the Jil Sander EVE fragrance which I absolutely ADORE! I still you use it btw :P It's a mixed scent of grapefruit, wildrose and patchouli. Just give it a try ;)

And it finally happened :D Mission completed!


Irsada Bond

No just kidding, Irsada's beauty-full world :)


  1. So many really nice favourites!
    and that maybeline quad is amazing!!

  2. nice post, well written. Great Stuff...


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