Monday, June 1, 2015

About time... for a change!


I'm back from the dead. It's been exactly 2 months since my last post.
The last 2 months have been a real roller coaster. I had ups and downs, more downs thought and that's why I found it hard to write a post down for you guys until now. I even considered giving my blog up :( but it would have been pity for all the time I invested in it and all the views I got so far.
I kind of felt like I had a blogging blockade, I don't know if something like that exsist but I really couldn't come up with what I should blog about next or I had some ideas but didn't write them down and then forget about them.
It had a lot to do with my new work too, me and my collegues were given objectifs that we had to reach before everyone took his holidays. And so I was more focusing on work and was more tired then usual. Then I had a few days off and when I got back I kind of had to get into business at work again, catch a bit up, prove myself and also make some plans before other collegues took their holidays. Afte work, when I got home I barely could relax and then gym took a lot of my time too. So since a few weeks I turned that a bit down, I'm trying more to concentrate on what I eat, to hopefully get a good looking bikini-body for this summer season.

Back to the actual blogpost!!!

What I wanted you to tell is that it was TIME for a COME BACK, I'm better and stronger in my believes than I ever was before. I consider this like a fresh start, I hope I can manage to turn it into something more serious and who knows maybe one day I can live from it.
I changed my blog quite a bit if you haven't noticed. It took some time but I'm satisfied so far with how it turned out and I'm still working on my blog-design skills ;)
I also improved my photograpy skills! I was given some great tips, had some new motives to photograph and I was looking for some workshops that I could participate at this summer. ^^
I have plenty of ideas and I don't want it to be only about makeup anymore. I wanna take it a bit further. Let's cross fingers that everything goes as I imagined it in my thoughts.

So this post was all about a new beginning and changing things up a bit. ^^

Thank you for taking the time to read this!




  1. fingers crossed! :)

  2. I guess every blogger experiences some kind of blocage once in a while, so I wish you a lot of inspiration and luck for what you are doing!!! ;)) and we are waiting for your new posts! :))



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