Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Today's NOTD is a special one. It's one of Chanel's topselling nailpolish called '#583 TABOO' ^^

with flash light:

I saw this so many time on instagram, seems like every famous fashionista is a fan of it. It was released this year (2013) in Spring.

It's described as a 'violine with red iridescence'. It's a deep purple with a red and blue ton to it with purple, red, blue and pink sparkles. Indoors it looks more like a blackened pruple. If you find it too dark, you could put on two coat, take a pad with some acetone on it and slightly go over yours nails to remove some of the purple, then you'll have a more red color. But I LOVE the color the way it comes from the bottle, it is like you have the galaxy on your nails. It's already opaque after one color but is recommanded to use two coats and a topcoat for a shiny finish. Pretty long holding up to one week with minor tip wear. I don't know how you feel about Chanel polishes but for me they have an amazing formula, easy to apply and longlasting!

I hope you like my true color swatches, I did not use any photoshop to edit the pictures and sorry for my dry hands, winter is here.

Buy it as long as you can find it ;)



  1. OMG this is so perfect *-*
    I love dark colours with metallic/ sparkles during the winter time. They just look amazing and appropriate for me!
    This colour is really special. <3

    Take care, have a nice day!*

  2. This color looks really nice! <3

  3. Very pretty nail colour!



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