Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to fix your broken blush/powder! :)

Hey girls,

today I wanted to show you how you can easily fix a broken blush or powder if you want. For this occasion I'm using my Benefit Coralista blush... Noooo, I didn't break this on purpose. I think it was my mother who didn't pay attention while she was cleaning in my room and then dropped it from the shelf -.-" No wait, I'm pretty sure she was it, this could never happen to me... But it doesn't matter anymore. Now I have a good reason to do this post!!!! ;)

So here you can see the way it looked like when I wanted to use it, opened it and found it like this:

No time to cry. And no need. But what you need is...

Most importantly alcohol!!!!! I bought this one by Hansaplast which has 70% of alcohol and it works the best way when you use pur alcohol like something like this. You can buy it at every big store, drugstore or at the gas station but if you don't find anything like this you can use schnapps with lots of % of alcohol. It doesn't have to be like 70%, I think even 15-20% are enough. I tried this once before with a schnapps and it worked! You also need toothpick or something else like a little spoon, I went with a toothpick as you can just trow it away after use. Also, you need a crepe papper (it doesn't have to be a Hello Kitty papper as I used ;P) and you need some object for the stamping part. As my blush is in a cube form I went with a nail polish that has a cube bottom.

FIRST: You have to break the blush even more until it looks like this!

SECONDLY: You should take all the pigments out of the form and put on a plastic bag.

THIRDLY: You can now add some of the alcohol, I used like almost a whole stopper and then you have to mix it with the pigments until it looks like this. All the pigments have to be wet in fact!!!

FOURTHLY: You put it all back into the form and spread it evenly!

FIFTHLY: You have to put the crepe papper over it and stamp with your stamping object all over it. In every corner! This step is the most important step as it depends on your stamping skills the way it will turn out/look like after. So make sure you do it right by taking some time for this step ;)

The crepe papper will absorb some of the alcohol already at this process and it will protect your stamping object from getting dirty. You will have to use it more than once, use the clean corners or another new crepe papper. I used 3 or 4 for this blush.


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Like new!

I stamped the pigments at the end a bit together with my ring finger to really make sure it's all pressed together and even. And here below you can see a close-up of the result ^^

HOW IT WORKS? Well if you are afraid of the alcohol ruining your blush/powder you don't have to be! The alcohol will evaporate after some time, so I suggest you to just leave your blush/powder open a few hours/a whole day/over night and it will all disappear and so will the smell of it of course too! So in fact it will be just like before ;)

BTW: don't forget to clean your blush brush! Lots of people don't do this or forget it. Just a little reminder ;)

Just to compare the broken and fixed blush:

Doesn't it look like new? :D
Didn't I tell you there is no need to cry for?
Did this help you in any form?

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  1. How absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I learned a lot with you today...I didn't even know that this was possible. Thank you so much! xoxo

    1. I forgot to mention it should work with broken eyeshadows too :D You're welcome ^^

  3. Wow, this is an awesome trick, thank you for your info dear..keep blogging :)


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