Monday, September 10, 2012

My personal summer feet trend

Hey guys,

it's time to show you what nail color I've been wearing the last couple of weeks on my feet

First a little story…

Usually I've been always wearing on my feet, most of the time and also the last summers a red, pink or peachy color. But this year was all in all very colorful with all the crazy colors that came out for clothes, hair and nails I though I'll give it a try and wear a color that I would actually never wear.
So a friend of mine who went this summer to Montenegro (my motherland, born there, couldn't make it this year to go myself) told me that all the girls are really looking great, wearing the latest trends. And she said that they wear like neon, metalic & very colorful nail polishes on their hands and feet. That friend of mine had this amazing eyecatching green metalic nail polish on her feet. I really got green of envy hahahaaaaa A few days later I run to a store and found a pretty good dupe to hers.

I don't know if you have a Hema store in your country or if you know that brand. It's not a big brand, more of a drugstore, some good stuff for less money. Maybe not the best quality but good for what I needed ;)

And so this is the way my feet looked like:

I know only the though of green metalic on the feet is like WTF NO WAY, NEVER EVER but I think the color actually does look great :) and I was so happy with it, that's the most important thing to wear something you love and feel comfortable with!!! Wearing it here in Luxembourg, while everybody else wears normal colors, "seen and done that" I really feel more special and cool lol Btw I'm still wearing it :D

So for the upcoming posts I was thinking about maybe answering some questions! Like things you wanna know about me, beauty secrets or what my favorite stuff is...
Don't be shy and just leave a comment of whatever you wanna know ;) I'll try my best to answer it!



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