Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lovely birthday gift!

So I finished my internship, that lasted 6 months, on Friday and got this lovely birthday/good luck for your futur/goodbye present from my work colleagues ^^

The gift came very surprising as I already got a lovely little Yves Rocher hamper 2 weeks ago when I acutally celebrated my birthday!

That's what I got:

A lovely Happy Birthday card, signed by almost all of my collegues
1 Estée Lauder nail polish, in #26 Metallic Saga (taube with bronze/redish shimmer)
1 YSL nail polish, in #17 Bleu Cobalt (my first YSL polish!)
1 YSL wet & dry eye shadow palette in #11 Pure Chromatics (4 beautiful colors, 3 dark, 1 light)

I love all the stuff and can't wait to try them out and review them here!!! :D

So I'm saying once again THANK YOU to all of my colleagues participating in the purchase of it :)

And also a huge THANKS to the bloggers who wished me a happy birthday 2 weeks ago!

NOTE: Me finishing my internship means I'm on HOLIDAYS now :D Hell yeahhhh Well deserved! It also means I have more time for more blog posts ;) and I can keep some promises I made, and I can finally enjoy some sun bath without thinking of work or my internship report that is done by now.

Hugs and kisses!




  1. oh that's a great surprise :) enjoy your holidays :))


  2. I see you liked it ;0) don't remember if I managed to sign the card before leaving for the plane.happy holidays


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