Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicole by OPI review!


So it was about time for a new nail polish post ^^

Here we go…

I showed you a little sneak peak of the 4 Nicole by OPI polishes I bought about a month ago, today comes the review!!!

From L to R: Not a gold bigger, Cocoa à Gogo, It starts with me & Prized possession purple

We'll keep it in the order of the picture above and start with


This is a soft gold shimmered color. It reminds me a bit of Butter London's The Old Bill or OPI's Glitzerland but I think this one is just a bit more lighter (but I might be wrong too). The color is just right for my pale skin (just on these pictures my skintone looks kind of creepy, I struggled to not let the bottle fall out of my hand lol) and is cute good for every occasion thought ^^


This color fascinated me right away when I saw it :D
And guess what? The color doesn't just look great in the bottle but also wonderfull on the nails, or don't you agree? It's a mettalic red color, but not too heavy looking, more of an elegant shade and it goes on really really smooth. I applied two thin coats of it and all I have left to say is GORGEOUS COLOR. Haven't seen a color like this before, that doesn't look too marble and is that opaque and polished :)


Ok, say what shall I tell you about this color??? My god, doesn't it say it all instantly??? Just look at it!!! It's just the most beautiful champagne color you can probably find =.= I think it's love…
It has this beautiful little sparkles, a touch of soft rosé and looks also a bit foily but not too much, just right. This was probably the first color I picked and put in my shopping basket and it's clear one of my favorites :D MUST HAVE color!!!!


Last but not least, this is my 2nd favorite from these 4 awesome polishes :)
The color is not just only a dark purple, it's like the most shinning and stunning purple I have seen so far!!!!! I loved the color in the bottle and never thought it would look just the same on my nails but now I know better… I felt very good wearing this color, it kind of gave me self-confidence (now you probably think wtf is she talking about?! Just go buy this color and you might feel the same hehee)

In general: 

I like the bottle very much, you can put two finger tips on the curvy sides of the bottle which gives you the perfect polishing conditions ;)
Also compared to the OPI bottles it contains just the same amount of polish. The brush is also very similar to the regulary OPI brush, just maybe a little bit shorter which I believe is even better and two of the polishes (It starts with me & Prized possession pruple) I bought have another kind of bursh, called the perfect stroke brush, which is even shorter and a bith thicker. Also applies very smoothly.

Two coats of these polishes are enought cuz the formula is just perfect and I would even say better than OPI. I even aked one of the sellers what's the difference between those two polishes and she answered me: Nothing, they are just the same. Considering that both polishes are produced in the same factory and wear except the name the same logos, I do believe that they are just the same. Altought Nicole by OPI kind of won this battle in my eyes. But pssssttttt… Don't make OPI hear that ;)

Now comes the best part, they are cheaper than the OPI polishes! While a OPI bottle in Europe costs about 16€, a Nicole by OPI polish is 10€ BUT for the moment some of the colors are reduced to 5€. I bought mine all together for 20 :D heeeheheeee Best deal of my life *evil laugh*

Ok, so this turned into a roman, I better stop now!

NOTE: All these pictures were made by my I-phone, I am looking forward to buy a professional camera soon to give you a better quality of my reviews and tutrials ;)

Thanks for tunning in!!!!!!


some new Nicole by OPI fan

aka Irsada


  1. Lovely colors!!
    I specially loved the gold and the purple color!

  2. where did you get these? i never saw them here in lux..
    very pretty though :)
    i love the light champagne one on you!

    1. I bought them in Saarbrücken!!!! At the Douglas store, the big one, there they also have other brands, including also make-up by mac, bobbi Brown and many more. :D
      And as already mentioned they were only 5€ each, some OPI quality, I deny not buying more of them.

  3. super izgledaju! :)


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