Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hiiii my dear visitor,

This is what my nails looked like the last few days. I wanted to create something funny and cool at the same time, and saw this on some other blog and went for it.

Using my scented nail polish rainbow collection by Claire`s I just tried to make some diagonal strips that are not to big and leave enough place for 6 different colors!

yellow = lemon
orange = orange
red = stawberry
blue = blueberry
purple = grape
green = apple

I must say they all smell extremly good, I can't decided which one is the best but I have to add that the scent of orange is probably the strongest.

This was my first time using those colors and I think the result looks good for a frist time ;)
I also must say I didn't use the purple scented nail polish, because when the red and blue color came in contact with each other they turned purple so I left it beside and made a thicker strip blue and a thicker strip red over it, to create the purple on my fingers.

Thanks for reading,

Irsada XoXo

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  1. What a fun manicure and I think you did great even though it was your first time!:D

    Thanks for following, I did the same.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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