Friday, November 25, 2011

Prepared for my best friends wedding tomorrow!

Hello my dear reader,

Tomorrow is the big day of my best friend Azra, it's her wedding ^^ and I'm super nervous already, I hope I'll find some sleep tonight cuz otherwise I will look terrible tomorrow before the wedding starts xD

So this is the dress I decided to wear, you probably remember the violet-grey dress I posted a month ago and I told you to wear it for that day, well I changed my mind and I'll go with this one ;) It's more comfortable!


These are the shoes and the clutch:

And these are the last acquisations I made today!

Wrong lashes by Make Up For Ever - I'm so excited to try them on, cuz normally I've always been wearing shitty drugstore wrong lashes -.-"

It's a balkan tradition that the braidesmaid buys a gift (like usually a ring or earings) for the bride. And as her braidesmaid #1 I got this gift for her! ;) Pssssssst Don't tell her!!!! 

Thank you for your attention!


Irsada XoXo


  1. The dress is lovely. I have one similar to it. Great ring too.

  2. Ljepe su ti cipele! Divne!
    Thank you for following! Now you got one follower more!

  3. @LoveYourself Hvala puno ;)

    @GirlieBlogger She liked the ring very much heheee


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