Friday, November 18, 2011

NOTD - essence Vampire's Love nail polish

This is the essence Vampire's Love LE 05 HUNT ME IF YOU CAN nail polish!!!

I made the picture using flash cuz I thought you can't really see the true color without the flash. So here it is!
There are actually 4 more colors but I didn't like them very much, and this color convinced me the most to buy it cuz I'm not such a fan of black nail polish, rarely wearing them but I thought this one looks cool.

So here you can see how the nail polish looks like:

 I must also say this is a very fast drying polish and when I first put it on, the texture reminded me of mineral oil, and one coat felt like enough but I used two coats after all because I'm used to it ;) and I'm also surpirsed about the lasting of this nail polish, it has a very good and long lasting, that's definitely a plus point if you consider that this nail polish is a drugstore nail polish and only 1,75 €.

The nail polish has a shimmer, depending from the light falling on it, it looks yellow or green. It has a cosmos flair and I absolutely LOVE the shine, another plus point for this polish!!!

Here you can see some pictures without flash, do you understand now what I meant?!

I also wanted to show you more of the color, so I made these pictures that can show you the best what the color really looks like. I really love these shimmer and I'm probably turning into a black nail polish fan ^^ Now I know what the Love stands for.


  1. Love this blog nail polish :)
    I was looking for some fashion blog to follow and found yours!
    I hope you can visit mine too!
    Keep intouch.

  2. I love that you love...
    I feel so honored and you made my "lazy Sunday" day ;)
    I'm always following back!!! xoxo


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