Monday, November 21, 2011

30 seconds to Mars special - New t-shirt ^^

Dear visitor,

As you can see from my biography, I'm a bit of a Rock chick and have a weakness for Rock t-shirts.
So look what I found in my mail today! ^^


Surprise, surprise, it's a new thirty seconds to Mars t-shirt. The one I've been looking for, for half a century xP and finally it arrived.

It's a bit longer than I though.

Right you can see the print a bit better than above and left is the back of the shirt!

I think it looks pretty good on me and I'm gonna wear it proud ;)

In case you've been wondering, YES this is me on the cover of their 3rd album called This Is War, that was a special released edition +/- 2000 people all over the world could participate on, and well I'm one of them ;D

Shannon Leto (drumer), Jared Leto (singer) and Tomo Millicevic (guitarist) is 30 seconds to Mars (in case you didn't know)

So I've been, two days ago, to my 4th thirty seconds to Mars gig in Amnéville (France), and I had so much fun there. Jared Leto was for 2 songs right in front of me and that was so AMAZING.
And as support band, they had another great band that I saw for the 3rd time and is also one of my favs, White Lies! Go check them out on their page !!! You won't be disappointed, promised! They're a very good life band. So I had a chat with them, got my CD signed by them (black CD above) and also got a picture (under) with them (although we look all very serious on that one thought xD)
BTW my Mars CD was signed already before that last gig I was just talking about, just thought I'll show it to you, as I'm already doing this Mars special.

Here you can also see my pink Mars t-shirt! ;)


  1. seeehr süßes top! mag ich sehr.♥

  2. hey :)
    great shirt!
    i love 30seconds to mars, too. i went to a concert 2 years ago and of course i do have this album, too :)

    nice blog. i follow you now :)

    greetings from germany *g*

  3. Danke euch!!!!! ^^ Greetings back from Luxembourg XoXo


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