Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Primark/Saarbrücken trip!

Welcome back,

I was yesterday in Saarbrücken (Germany) and this is my report :)

I saw these beautiful Micheal Kors watches at a gallery and made some pics for you. I found it so hard to choose only one of these beautiful watches. I still haven't made my mind about which one  to choose…


And this felt like the perfect O.P.I. paradise O.O It was hard to get me away from there lol

And here comes the intersting part.

This is the Primark in Saarbrücken!!! 3 floors of paradise :D

I didn't make pictures  from the store inside, as that would have taken a few days. It's so big in there and you don't know where to start! But I did some of the shoe department, or at least of the highheels departement :P lol

And I also made some pics from the shoes I tried :)

These purple shoes were love on the first sight, I saw them already from the escalator and they were on sale from 19€ to 9€ =.=

Some other pruple shoes, been looking for a long time to find purple shoes, at Primark you will find shoes in EVERY color, that's for sure!

These were pretty too but I didn't like the quality of these and I only needed one pair of purple shoes!


These were very cool, but it took me a life time to get into them and they weren't very uncomfortable -.-


I wish they had them in my size but unfortunately they were one size to big, otherwise I would have bought them immediately :(


These were catching my eyes directly!!! Couldn't resist... althought I probably don't have any clothes yet that could fit withe these LOL


I liked these a lot too, also available in pink :)

Back home:

As you can see the big bag didn't survive it. Guess I bought to much HEHEEE

My haul:

The shoes I decided to buy!!!!


I also got these two bags, one in black and one in coral/red.


The new Jil Sander Eve parfume (limited edition package):

Got some basic Primark tees, as people claim that they are great and you can never have enough basic shirts ;)

My new chains:





New nail polishes:

I got my hands on the OPI New York City Ballet Minis heheeee I think this will be a pretty good next giveaway :)

And last but not least I bought this handbag tidy, that's going to ensure that there will be no chaos in my bags anymore, at least in the big bags ;P

So that's is with my report/post! Promised!

Thanks for your attention!!!

- Irsada


  1. Great photos! Everything you got looks amazing.

  2. Geat haul! You bought amazing stuff!

  3. loved ur haul....loved everything!!!

    i wish I could visit Primark :(

    1. It was my first time there, we had to drive 120 km, not really near by me. They should have stores everywhere :D

  4. That can't be a Primark store - it's way too tidy!

    1. hahahaaa I know!!!! Well it wasn't that tidy after all, I didn't just take picture of the chaos that was there lol I had to move things to make some pics look good…

  5. WOW! Great haul, amazing stuff.

  6. one word: heaven! :)
    p.s. I adore Jil Sander, I cant live without Pure

  7. Hey. Wou hues du dei neon Neeléäck hier?? oooh wor zu Frankfurt leschten Weekend an do haaten se wirklech NEIRENS welchen :( douglas, dm, primark, kiko, karstadt, kaufhof, alles durchgema mee nix fonnt :(

  8. cool, du bass jo gutt fündeg ginn :) fueren jo och muer mat enger frendin an si scho ganz gespaant :)

    1. Iooo an firgester och, muss die Sachen mol dropsetzen wann ech Zeit fannen. Vill Spaß! Do kann een wirklech mega gudd shoppen, wollt net mei fort vun do xP


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