Thursday, December 22, 2011

VOLUME MASCARA 2 in 1 by essence!

Dear reader,

Looking for the perfect volume mascara for little money that gives you long voluminized lashes without clumping?
Then you need the new essence volume mascara 2 in 1!!!!

This funny looking thing is the solution:

This mascara has 2 looks but it's only one brush!

Step 1: Use the Look 1 to prepare your lashes and define them.


Step 2: Go ahead and use the Look 2 to get the ultimate volume and black you were seeking for!

 How it works?

Well at step 1, before you can use the brush it runs throught a I call it "formula stopper" that takes the mascara formula away from the brush so that there is almost no formula on it and you have a brush that sure can't clump your lashes together. Using the Look 2 at step 2, you apply the formula at that point and you can use as much coats as you want, they'll sure not gonna be glued together. Or do mine look clumpy?

This mascara is freaking amazing and a must have product! You can get it at the drug stores and OMG it is only 2,50 € as I remember (max 3€). If that's not cheap I don't know.

Only negative point: The 2 colors of the design! I love purple but together with the pink it looks more like a toy mascara for little girls.
BUT Don't judge this mascara for his cheap looking appearance!

What do you think?

 And BTW I'm just a few followers away from 200, so as soon as I reach them there will be a new giveaway you can win!!!!

Much love,



  1. Wow! I am pretty impressed. Your lashes look full and voluptuous.

  2. for almost free! I couldn't believe it myself :D

  3. Now i feel like getting it except it's not available here :(
    It looks quite interesting :D

  4. wou gett et dei? schlecker? muss ma dei och mol kaafen ;)

    1. Ioo am Schlecker hei am Land, oder an all Douglas, DM oder Muller an Deischtland. Et gett och een vun Benefit 2 in 1, hun en net probeiert mais vlt ass en grad sou gudd wanst du leiwer eng Mark hues!


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