Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOTD - Red metallic with red glitter tips

Hey MY little fashion monsters,

This is no ordinary red color!!!! It's red metallic and perfect for this time. It spices up every boring look and is an eye catcher, I swear.


So this is what my NOTD turned out:

I used #650 fever by P2 Color Victim as base and then #72 time for romance by essence colour & go on the tips. I applied the red glitter polish using a sponge. It's simple! To create a ombre nail look just put a bit of the polish, you want on the tips, on a sponge and then dab it over the tips ;)


I upgraded the nails with some green and gold glitter.

(You can't see the green color very much on the first picture without flash)

Using #38 CHOOSE ME! (left) & #67 Make it golden (right) by essence colour & go:


Top coat on it and you are ready to go :) Christmas can come!


Irsada ^^

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