Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello everyone,

This is one of the most eyeshadow combination I am wearing when I go out!

With flash:


To create this look:
First I applied an eyeshadow base using the I <3 STAGE eyeshadow base by essence, which is a new product. Then I took the light brown shade "Chase" by Urban Decay all over my eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Next I took a little bit darker brown shade with some little shimmery particles "Midnight Rodeo" by Urban Decay over my crease and blended it with "Chase". Finally I applied eyeliner all along my lashes, a very thin line and at the end mascara.

And some white eyeliner over your upper waterline and you're done!

Classic but fine!

Product Used:

essence I <3 STAGE eyeshadow base

Urban Decay eyeshadows: CHASE & MIDNIGHT RODEO

Catrice Eye Liner Pen

essence 2 IN 1 volume mascara

And essence white kajal pencil




  1. Vielen dank für dein Kommi :-) ich kenne das klar du kannst mitmachen :-) liebe Grüsse :-)

  2. lovely makeup look, I love Urban Decay eyeshadows!!

  3. Nice makeup look ! I see you use Essence products that I'd like to buy in the future. Unfortunately Im living in the wrong country, atm I can't find any Essence products in Romania but when I went to Germany I bought some and was very pleased by their price vs quality !

  4. @ Deeb I love most of the essence products, but I'm not a huge fan of the eyeshadows! I used to like them when I was younger and couldn't afford expensive make-up but now I can and I think the quality isn't as good as other brands. But all the other stuff is really good ^^
    It's pitty you can't buy it in your country or order it. Do you have family in Germany that could send you a package?

    Otherwise I'll be offering my person to send you what you want but that would be at least possible in February as I'm very busy at the moment studying for my exams and they end end January!!!!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment. Love the eye shadow, and your eyelashes are amazing...they're so long! Very jealous.

    Sophie x x


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