Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My last acquisitions for 2011


Some stuff I bought today, a make-up palette, new parfume, a new nail polish by Astor and a new watch


A professional eyeshadow palette

And I bought myself a new clock by Esprit ;)

A new mirror that I couldn't resist buying heheeee So girly :P

And some packages that arrived today :D
I was a bit disappointed about the size of this earing holder, on ebay it looked so much bigger -.- That's what you get when you buy something from China!

And this is my new bag (by H&M) that I had to order because it wasn't available at any shop anymore, but now I have it and now I'm HAPPY :D




  1. the nail polish <3

  2. Oh I love the palette <3 We haven't so much beautiful make up palettes here in Italy :(


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