Friday, December 16, 2011

Magnetic nail polishes review - Get the magical effect ;)

My dear reader,

Let me show you the new nail trend: Magnetic polishes!
I tried three different colors for you and here are the results:

flash light:

Here you can probably see the result better, in contrast with a darker background and artificial light :)

I must be honest that I wasn't satisfied with the pink magnetic result, you couldn't see it very well so I applied it also on my little left finger, which really turned out better (find out why, more below) and I'm not a very big fan of the golden magnetic polish, I just think that color isn't very beautiful, something bothers me about it.

Here is how it works!!!

Well, first you need some magnetic nail polishe(s)! I decided to go with 3 out of 4 colors (that were at the store) by essence:

(L to R) 03 magic wand!, 02 hex hex! and 05 pixie dust!

And of course you also need a nail art magnet, I choosed the one by essence, because the price was very nice.

It's really just that simple as you can see here below!!!

You just have to put on the nail polish and imediately hold the magnet 20 seconds over the finger, as close as you can without touching the polish! If you don't do it right after you put on the polish on your finger, the result will not be good, cuz these magnetic nail polishes dry VERY FAST!

#03 Magic wand! (pink) - with and without flash (L to R)

 #05 Pixie dust! (gold) - with and without flash (L to R)

#02 Hex hex! (silver-grey) - with and without flash (L to R)

And don't forget to apply also a top coat to make the result appear even better. I suggest you to use a shiny top coat ;)
I hoped you liked this review - GOOOOOO and TRY THEM OUT!!!! Have fun! ^^

And I also wish you a nice weekend



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