Saturday, January 12, 2013

My favorite blogs & Youtube chanels of 2012

Hiii again,

I'm leaving you two lists of the best blogs and chanels I'm following recently :) and I hope you like them too and decide to follow them too

Best beauty/fashion blogs:

Deuce Beauties
Been There, Done That, Got The Lipstick
Beauty Makeup Addict
The TraceFace Philes
Fashion Spot
Alex's Beauty Corner
Innen und Aussen
Nicht noch ein Beautyblog
Alle meine Farben
Mademoiselle Mirabelle
Best Things in Beauty
Copy That, Copy Cat
Drugstore and Bargain Lover
Fashion Is My Drug
There is no particular order!!!! ;)
Best YouTube chanels:

1. Pixiwoo
2. Pixi2woo/Tanya Burr
3. Lisa Eldrigde
4. GossMakeupArtist LOVE this man!!!!
5. Missglamarozzi
6. BeautyCrush
7. The Dorient
8. ForeverYours0727
9. MissChievous 
10. Breelovesbeauty 
11. essiebutton 
12. funnypilgrim 
13. Michelle Phan
14. MacBarbie07 
15. BeautyHollc88
Don't hesitate to tell me your favorite blog/chanel cuz I always like to find some new interesting blogs/chanels!!!!!!!!! :D

So I'm pretty busy lately since my exams are starting next week and I'm working almost every afternoon at least 4 hours. I'm gonna try to do some posts this weekend and set them to be posted automatically by blogger, if it works and then reply to comments later ;)

BTW I'm also collecting stuff for a new giveaway ;)) which will be probably the best I've ever done!

Have a nice weekend,



  1. We have lot of blogs and youtube chanels in commun <3
    I'll check some names from that list

  2. Oh I love Pixiwoo & TracePhiles. Scrangie is always a staple for nails! Great list.


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