Monday, January 21, 2013

Bag Wardrobe!

Bonjour mes fashionistas,

Today I'm showing you only what I've been up to a few days ago. I ordered a wardrobe for bags on amazon and that's what it looks like after I put it up:

It is a really nice idea, if you don't have much place in your bedroom or don't know where to hang your bag or instead of picking them permanently up from the ground ^^
I wanted it because of all that reasons together!

Also, it is very simple to put up. You don't need a man for it, you can easily do it yourself and it will only take like 10 minutes!!!! In case you want it too, I ordered mine on and typed in Taschengarderobe Wenko. It wasn't very expensive, only 14€ but I had to pay the same amount for shipping and packaging, so at the end I payed almost 30€. But in my eyes it was totally worth it and since it will last forever I can take it with me when I move out. And these two ropes can be also fixed on the wall if you prefer that. ;)

Since I'm close to hit over 100.000 views on Blogger I wanted to thank every single person that reads my posts from time to time <3 This means a lot to me. Can you believe that? 100.000 views? I still can't and I'm looking forward to the next 100.000 views. I'm still looking for some more goodies for my next giveaway which will be the biggest I've ever made!

Have a nice week!




  1. Nice!! Ovo bi i meni trebalo, jer imam hrpu torbi (i nikad ih dosta) i više ne znam kud s njima. Čak mi padaju na pamet neke ideje kako napraviti nešto slično sama. Vidjet ćemo :D
    Veeelike čestitke na 100000! pusa

    1. Thank you very much :)
      Yeah you could buy some individual hooks and affix them on a wall you have some place left.


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