Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Which eyeshadow-color for which eye-color?


If you always wondered which eyeshadow color fits the best with your eye color, then I have a little support:

The choice is of course up to you. I just thought I need to share this with my followers/readers and maybe you find your favorite color in the row with your eye color ;)




  1. Good suggestions. What about really dark brown eys though? I find they are more challenging to bring out.


  2. I have green eyes and I use browns, golds, pinks, purples, and few turquoises and greens.
    Great post! Very helpful :)


  3. I have green eyes, too, and find that purple colors bring out my eyes the best.

  4. I have brown eyes with a touch of green! My eyes change their color depending wich season we have, sometimes they are maroon, sometimes very dark brown almost black. In that case I like to use brown, silver or black and do smokey eyes! I also noticed that blue either light or dark suits me very well too.
    But I also like to wear from time to time green lenses, then I like using purple or brown/gold colors

  5. This is a good sugestion, sometimes my eys change their colours, sometimes they are brown or they're green! It's dramatic when it's with two mixed colours. But this post help us very much! thank you :) big hug and big kiss!


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