Monday, February 27, 2012

Guilty as charged!!! - I confess that I love shopping.


Forgive me god but I have sinned… I bought shoes… AGAIN!
#4 & #5 for this year… and it's only February -.-"

Here are my new babies!!! :D

My new boots; that I can make longer by inverting the filling ;) They were on sales, otherwise they would have been to expensive for the end of winter.


My new high-heels; what shall I say? Don't they say enough???
They were screaming for me :P

My new nail polishes; and of course I can't go out of a shop without buying at least one nail polish xD And in this case I was facinated by these two colors. And the names just attracted me cuz I am a Rock chic and I love Art too ^^

I hope I'm not the only one that buys like every second week new shoes, that she won't even wear, just to decorate the room and be satisfied with the thought of having them. LOL
So that's it for today ;)


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