Wednesday, February 8, 2012



if you are a faithful reader of my blog, you sure know that I won this amazing Sleek palette at a giveaway some weeks ago.
And this is the very first eye make-up look I created using the Sleek Au Naturel palette!

(instructions below!!!!!!!!!)

And here is that terrific eyeshadow palette I was talking about:

Sleek Au Naturel/Nude palette

So for my eye make-up look I used these two color of the palette:

Taube on my whole eye lid and Mineral Earth on the crease, then I blended them!

I have to add that the Sleek eyeshadows are really really good, especially when you often use to blend two or more colors. They are very high pigmented and I just love them. I don't find any cons!!!

Other used products:

As you probably noticed I use the essence I <3 STAGE and the essence 2 in 1 volume mascara very often!
For the eye line I used the Sephora long-lasting eye-liner.

I hope you enjoyed this post and share my love for Sleek :-)

Xo Irsada


  1. You're so lucky for winning that palette, it's amazing and so is your look!

  2. gorgeous makeup!! it looks gorgeous!

  3. @Style Of Life I don't speak your language!!!!!!!! but I think I understood what you were asking: My giveaway ends on 18th February!


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