Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barry M.s Croco Effect Shatter!!!

Hey my fashionistas,

Take a look at this amazing piece of art!

Barry M.'s Nail Paint Croco Effect Nail Polsih!!!!


I already showed you a little sneak peek last week when I had it only over my ringfinger (Here) and so here is the whole review!


First step:
You need a base color!
I went with Sleek's Nailed polish Millionaire #39, because I thought it's just the perfect color to get real croco nails, and because of the shining of the color that you can still see even with the croco effect polish over it ;)
 But you can of course chose whatever color and brand you want, I just suggest you a yellow, gold, orange or green base color!


I just love this color ^^ but I could just apply one coat of it, because the croco polish doesn't work very well on more coats but I'll show you the whole beautiness of this color in another review. Promised!

So back to the instructions:

Step 1: I used Sleek's Millionaire #39 as chosen nail varnish.
Step 2: It's really really really important that you apply the croco effect polish over TOUCH DRY polished nails!!!!!! It's not working over dried polish, they'll just be black. So as said above wait 1-2 minutes then apply the croco polish ;)
Step 3: Apply a THIN coat of Croc Nail Effect!
Step 4: I'd say the effect will start after 5 minutes not 3 minutes like on the bottle. But time doesn't matter. It's such an interesting process to observe that it's worth waiting every single minute.


Artifical light - I don't know why there are some little
scratches on two of my nails, it must be my I-Phone -.-"

Daylight - Naturel light:

I espcially love the effect on my thumb, it's practically like the bottle cap but the other designs are amazing too. You actually never know how it will turn out.
It's a surprise nail polish LOL

With flash:

 Sorry for my skin! I know I should stop abusing it xD


Soooo this is a really great, amazing, fascinating and making other people jealous polish ;P

Pros: It's available for only 5 € (I ordered mine on
Cons: If the result is not turning well you have to start from the beginning.

So what do you think of it?



BTW I you can order the Sleek polish also on the same side, for 3,99 €!

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  1. I prefer your croc effect nails to ordinary crackle, they look so much nicer, thanks for sharing.


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