Monday, February 20, 2012

Butter London - Rosie Lee!

Dear reader,

my nails have been in heaven, a red heaven!

 Actually I am speaking of the most beautiful Butter London nail polish: Rosie Lee!

The name is a cockney rhyming slang for a cup of tea.

I really loved this over the dark base, really gave it some character, so I took some extra pictures of it!

The formula is amazing, a bit thick, but not too thick, like OPI's Teenage Dream for example.  It was pretty good to work with considering all that glitter. I just love the finish of this beautiful mettalic pink-redish color!!! ^^

(with flash)

And for a more decent look, if you don't like glitter polishes that much, I have another version that's probably preferred by you:


 (with flash)

I used a peachy nail polish on four of my fingers and the Butter London Rosie Lee polish on my ringfinger! Essence's colour & go #62 reach peach to be more exacte. 
I must say I liked both version a lot.
I know that this polish isn't the cheapest with 17-18€ but I think it's just worth it ;)

And this is what I bought today!!! :D

I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette (review and make-up inspirations coming soon) ;)

And I also bought these pair of Jennyfer shoes, that I saw on a friends feeth last weekend and just felt like buying them too. I grabed the last pair and luckily in my size heheeeee :-) AND they were on sales, I payed only 10€ instead of 25€.
I had to buy them and also I think these high heels are very IN now, so hell yeahhhh I'm so lucky! 

Thanks for reading!


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