Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zoeva mail arrived! ^^


It's been some time since I ordered anything online but I just couldn't resist when I saw this eyeshadow palette, the lip palette and the make-up brushes.

This is the Zoeva Mettalic Stones eyeshadow palette, really beautiful shades and some colors are told to be dupes to Mac cosmetics eyeshadows :) I already fell in love with some colors!

And this is the Sweet Love Lip palette!
Amazing colors for the lips from baby pink to berry red ^^

And last but not least the Zoeva brush set I ordered, it's an basic brush set with 12 brushes, the first set I bought cuz normally I always buy brushes seperately from all kind of brands. They are all handmade ;)

Can't wait to try my new babies :D

Carpe Diem/Noctem

- Irsada


  1. they do indeed look lovely!

  2. Die Metallic Stones Palette habe ich auch die ist toll!

    1. Gestern hab ich den dunkelbraunen Lidschatten getragen und heute den dunkelblauen Lidschatten, bin auch sehr begeistert von dieser Palette und von der Pigmentierung! :D


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