Monday, April 9, 2012

Barry M. Lavender over Catrice Lucky in Lilac!!!

It's beem almost a week since my last post but here I am again with a new one, showing you the nail art I've been wearing some days ago.

If you are reading my blog often you might have find out that I love purple and so it's not very surprising to see my nails purple again :) I can't stop myself sometimes.

That's what I'm talking about:


I used one coat of Catrice's Lucky in Lilac #130 and then two coats of Barry M. Lavender #239

The price of both polishes is amazing, almost 3€ for the Catrice polish and as I remember 5,50€ for the Barry M. polish.
The formula of Catrice is really great with a long thin brush, so has the same Barry M. but the formula is a bit different as you probably have figured out using a glitter polish. It's just a bit difficult to place the little plates equally on the finger nail, you need to be patient but it's worth the result ;)
Lucky in Lilac is a pretty violet color that has a good coverage so you just need one coat as base.
Barry M. Lavender is a transparent polish/topper with little purple/lavender plates that are kind of foil and sometimes have a pink reflection but besides that there are also little silver glitter points that you can see on the last picture a bit! I LOVE this polish...

If I had to describe these nail look the best I would probably say it's like wearing a PURPLE DISCO BALL on your nails :D
I got so many compliments for this look, I was surprised myself. Definitely gonna repeat this look.

Also I think it's pretty cool for Easter ;)

Thanks for reading!

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