Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Megan Hot Fox!

Hi ho,

Just a short post today, as I don't have much time and much to say and show. I'm so busy the last days/weeks and I'll have to start learing pretty soon for my exams in June. But I'll try my best to delight you with as much post as I can do ;)

So for today I just wanted to show you the magazine I picked up in a store, with Megan Fox on the cover. God damn her, doesn't she look hot hot hot? She's such a hot damn chick, if I were a boy… if I were lesbian… LOL

I especially love her eyebrowes, the lips (even if they are fake - they don't look that fake after all or exaggerated) and she has really beautiful blue eyes and the form of them :) Got to love her, even if she's a diva sometimes.

And these items I got yesterday from a very lovely and nice girl from my work place. For free :D
She got them in her glossybox but wouldn't use them so she offered them to me. I can't get the glossybox or joliebox or any other box with beauty and cosmetic items, as they don't seem to deliver to Luxembourg (where I live) but she lives in France and so it was a big deal for me being the new owner of them.

So these are highlighter perls and bronzer pearls from the brand Guy Bernard (which I didn't know until now) and a shimmer & shine lip gloss from the brand I love… raspberry & blackberry (I guess that's the whole name of it as there aren't more information)

I haven't used them so far. But the lip gloss smells just amazing and the shimmer pearls seem to be very good too but maybe YOU can tell me more about that brand?!

Thanks for stopping by!


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