Sunday, April 15, 2012

Primer review! Essence vs. Clarins vs. Urban Decay

Heeey guys,

I'm showing you some eyeshadow bases or primers as you probably call them, I've been using so far.

They are completly different from each other, with different price classes and different in application.

Starting with essence: I <3 STAGE eyeshadow base


This eyeshadow base has a nice creamy texture. It’s nude shade and it doesn’t contain shimmer. It contains 4ml of product which could be more. I’ve used it a couple of times and it worked nicely for me. It stayed in place for hours on my eyelids, I'd say it can last at least 8-10 hours which is long for a drugstore eyeshadow base. You can get it for only 2,45€.
The brush is very good to work with while applying it on the lid but you have to use your fingers to get it really equal and it needs a bit time to dry

Pros: The brush/applicator, the price & the lasting
Cons: drying time, the color (it could be a bit lighter) & the amount

You probably have seen a brush like this only for lipgloss! ^^
And I love using this one when I don't have much time to get ready and only need a nude look on my lids.

The 2nd primer is by Clarins: Instant Light "Eye Perfecting Base"

I love that it is a natural skin tone and blends into the skin so you get a more true color for the eyeshadow once applied. It keeps my eyeshadow on its place almost the whole day, let's say 10-12 hours. I don´t see the color of the eyeshadow changing only keeping the eyeshadow longer on your eyelids.
 On the plus side, the package is convenient and the product did not irritate my eyes.
This product helps erase that “tired look” it also keeps eye makeup looking fresh all day. It comes in a pencil applicator that you must twist so there is no waiste. With the price of about 13€ it is quite expensive but a great product and you don’t need a lot of it.

Pros: Color, the pencil brush/applicator, lasting & package
Cons: Price

 Last but not least: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Base

I love this primer!!!
It evens out my skin tone, helps bring out the true colour of shadows, and makes eye makeup stick like glue. I find that it glides on very easily with no tugging to the delicate skin and for me it stays all day like over 16-18 hours and it doesn't crease (at least for me).

By far, the best eye primer I've tried!!! :D I owe the Original and Eden primer potions.
There are two more potions that are darker

However, like others, I hate the packaging. I could never tell how much product is left in the bottle, so I feel like a lot was going to be wasted and left behind in the curves and it's hard to reach unless you - quite literally - open the container.

Although I really like this eyeshadow primer, I think there are others on the market that do just as good of a job for a lower price, as this one costs 16€.

Pros: The color(s), lasting & design
Cons: The price & the package



With Love,

Irsada ;)

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