Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sinful Colors Lavande - My first SC nail polish :)


This is my first Sinful Colors nail polish I bought and have been wearing the last days!

Taaadaaaa, it's a violet, Lavande to be more precise, since that's my favorite color (as you can also see from the background lol) I had to owe a SC in that color ;)



I really love this one, it is stunning! I think the color looks amazing and I was surprised how good the coverage of this brand is. I mean I actually only needed one coat, but I did 2 as I'm used to it, but one would have been enough.

Depending on the light, this color can look a bit like blue.

I love the design of the bottle, it's really handy and the formula convinced me totally too ^^

I can only suggest you this brand, and if you like violet I think this polish is the perfect one, not too dark, not too light, and a perfect coverage after one coat!!!

So I payed almost 7 € for this one, which I think is a good and nice price in the price-performance ratio. I heard that they are very cheap in the US *jealous* I'd buy a houndred of these if they were a bit cheaper!

What do you think about this brand? I'd like to hear your judgment/opinion :)




  1. ooo, it is a very pretty color! i have something similar to this in Sally Hansen. it's a bit lighter though.


  2. Love sinful colors! Looks really pretty!

  3. I'm a fan of Sinful Colors. Great palette. Don't remember this violet color but it looks nice on you.


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