Saturday, January 7, 2012

EOTD - Vanille-Black Look AND Comparaison of black and white waterline

Heeey peeps,

 This is my eye make-up of the day that I have created using the black and vanille eyeshadows by Urban Decay! (products at the bottom of the review)


I first applied my eyeshadow base!
Then I put "Blackout" onto my whole lid keeping the outer corner round, and then I put "Vanille" on my inner corner, as brow bone highlight and a bit under my upper lashes, before I draw the black upper eyeline. The shimmery of "Vanille" will find it's way on the black eyeshadow, so DON'T BLEND (there's no need for that)!

With flash light:


I absolutely adore "Vanille" it pimps the matt black automaticly up :) and looks also beautiful used with other dark shadows!

left: black lower waterline & right: white lower waterline

I'm showing you this because I wanted you to see the difference of a white and black upper waterline!!!
With the black waterline my eyes look more sexier, I suggest this look when you go out! Probably too sexy for the day.
With the white waterline my eyes look bigger, sweeter and kind of more Lolita.




essence I <3 STAGE eyeshadow base

On my lids: "Blackout" & "Vanille" by Urban Decay (15 year anniversary palette)


For the black waterline: essence I <3 ROCK gloss eye pencil

And for the white waterline: essence white kajal pencil


Much love,


P.s: I won't be much on or do reviews the next 2-3 weeks, as my exams are starting on Monday! Wish me luck ^^

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