Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm sooooo SORRY!!!!! I made a mistake

Heeey guys,

My 200th follower giveaway is closed and the winner announced! One week to early -.-" My mistake!!!! I hope you are not pissed. That's why I'm writning this post, things in my head got messed up latetly, I'm in the middle of my exams, and it was actually planned that the giveaway end this Friday, but on the form is marked next Friday, and I first didn't even notice it until a few of my followers were asking me what's going on. I'm very deeply sorry but also I can't change the fact anymore that the winner was already announced and it is how it is now… :( I didn't had the intention to gain more followers by this way!!! Keeping my giveaway on sidebars, making people enter my page, to get their attention and make them follow me although my giveaway is already over was really not what I wanted, I wish I could turn back time!!!!!

Can those of you that put my giveaway on their sidebar, please remove it??? That would be a help already to not let people enter it anymore.

I still hope you guys can forgive me, and don't unfollow me for that reason.
There will be a new giveaway to be able to win, tomorrow PROMISED and it wil be a little apologize giveaway! :)

Much love,



  1. Aaaah Du bisst wie ich, du vergisst deinen Kopf nicht weil es in deinen Körper geklebt ist:)
    Anyway, don't worry because it happens often, especially if you're in the middle of exams!
    And so you will do an extra "Sorry-giveaway" and because that, I'LL be the winner XD LOL


  2. hahaa thanks guys for your kind word, feeling a bit better now ;)

    @Magali Das überlassen wir dem Zufall aber ich drücke dir ganz fest die Daumen!!! :D

  3. It's perfectly ok, I'm sure all of us have made an error somewhere...even if we can't always admit it. I love you blog, BTW!

  4. Thanks Mihaela and thank you Jenna I love your blog very much too ;)

  5. No problem, and thanks for the update. I figured something had happened. Real life always seems to get in the way of the fun we have online, doesn't it? =)

  6. @Tonya It does xD Especially when you have to handle with many deadlines as I have, you mess them up totally or confound them. And I'm a person that is often lost in time, I always have to think twice which day we have hahaa

  7. Don't worry! In this case it's normal! We love your blog so it don't matters! We will follow you and your blog, It's sad I know but... everyone does mistakes so :)it's ok! Big hug!!

    Kisses :) follow us too :)


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