Monday, January 9, 2012

Mail Day - Related Happy Holidays Present :D

Hiiii everyone,

Just got back home and found this in my mail. A related present by a good friend from America, finally it arrived! Turned my not so good day (kind of messed up my exam today) into a life is beautiful day :D LOL


It looks so pretty! I was afraid opening it hahaa

And this is what I got:
A Christmas card
The OPI mini Muppet Collection
m&ms with mint scent
OPI - Meep Meep Meep
OPI - Animal-istic
OPI Top Coat
Maybelline eyestudio #50 Taupe Temptress & #40 Green With Envy (under TT)
A Maybelline Baby lips balm
A Revlon mascara (Can't wait to try that one out)
And a little parfume called Flirt! Luv-a-licious
I'm the happiest person on Earth Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

Everything a girl need heeheeee

- Irsada


  1. Yay! Nice gifts :)

  2. What a pretty little package! Bet you were happy to get it.

  3. More than HAPPY I've been waiting for it more than a month! Shipping from Us to Europe takes a lifetime -.-

  4. cool presents <3

  5. @irsada: are you sure? shipping from us to europe takes for me always 4-5 days ...
    pretty package ;)

  6. @Alex My friend did sth wrong went she sent it, a wring cross on the form and it returned to her and then she sent it again. Idk, she said she sent it via ups express but still it took 2 weeks after she got it back.

  7. Woah, such a beautiful gift eheh :) I just received the giveaway prize, I'm SO SO SO SO SO happy!!!!!! I never won so much stuff, so now I'm happy for the prize and because I met your blog too! :) I love your posts <3 Thank you Irsada, you made a girl happy here in Italy :)

  8. @Hijoral I'm glad you received it already! I hope nothing was broken. Did you try some stuff out already? ^^


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