Monday, March 10, 2014

PRIMARK & DM haul!


Friday, I went to one of my favorite shopping cities,  Saarbrücken (Germany). Most of my money I spent at my favorites stores Primark & DM and so here you can see everything I got:

I basically just bought stuff for the gym and two band tshirts at Primark that I might wear for gym too. This time at Primark I kind of found it hard to find stuff I liked. I only was one hour there which is quite fast if you consider how big this shop is and that normally I would spend 2 to 3 hours there xP

Bought a few sport bras, which you obviously can't have enough from ;) They were quite cheap, 5 or 6 € each. 


More gmy stuff. A black shirt (8 €), black shorts (9 €) & grey tank top (5 €) 


Nirvana shirt, 10€.

Ramones shirt, 10 €.

Grey sneakers, 4 €, probably the cheapest shoes I ever bought and will buy.

I'm always so excited about the great jewellery at Primark but this time I couldn't excite myself more than only for these two pieces. I really was a bit dissapointed about all the chains that they had there, they looked all 'last season' or I didn't like the color on some statement necklaces they had included.

At Deichmann I bought these great neon shoes for only 24,95 €. I've never been a fan of orange but these more 'tangerine' shoes kind of stole attention and I think they fit pretty good with all the grey and black stuff I bought and owe already. I have to add that I didn't like the shoes they had at Primark, they had like only 3 pair of sport shoes and I thought they looked really cheap and ugly.

DM haul:

I bought some Balea hair products because they are without silicones and I wanna try to treat my hair without any silicones for a while to see if it brings something. Also bought 3 tubes of a magical stuff called ice gel for tired feet, had to stuck it up. I have a feeling like they will be pretty soon empty, I've been working almost every day...

And I wouldn't be myself if I would not buy and nailpolish or makeup!
Bought a few polishes from Catrice, Crushed Cristal collection, these are liquide sand polishes. Gonna review them in a few days. A tiffany blue one, 2 new colors by essence for my feet. One of the new Maybelline nude lipsticks (732 Breizen Beige, recommanded by Hanadi Beauty) and liquid liner by Catrice and essence.

This was a pretty successfull shopping day. Althought I didn't buy that much at Primark as I thought I would do I bought almost everything that was on my list and a bit more ^^ had some great chinese food, Starbucks and I spend some great quality time with one of my best friends.

Shopping to be continued...


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  1. So many nice things :3
    I really like the bands T-Shirts :3
    Take care, have a nice day!*


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