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Deauty box of February!

Hi my lovely and beautiful followers,

This will be my last Deauty box review! Since they want to increase the price of the box and ask 2€ in additional for the shipping I decided to cancel my membership. A bit sad, I might have paid the new price but I don't wanna pay for shipping when it used to be for free. And sometimes you have to stant by your principles.

So this month I got 6 products, one full size only.


Menu of February

Kérastase - Ciment Thermique (50 ml)

"In winter, our hair faces many attacks. The contrast between the cold spice to the exterior and the hot dry air inside makes them fragile and without spring. Extra attention won't hurt them. For this, we always come back to Kérastase Ciment Thermique, a bestseller. The 'Vita-Topseal' repairs the surface of the keratin layer and surrounds the hair fiber with a protective envelope. Apply to washed hair and distribute evenly. Do not rinse. Full size: 150 ml & price: 26,50 €."

Since I got the box just before I wanted to shower, I already tried this product and I must say my hair felt really great after. There is a scent of lemon to it but after you dry them it most of it get lost.

Kérastase - Bain Force Architecte Shampoo (80 ml)


"We love Kérastase products, it's clear. This shampoo restructuring based on Cylane Cement Complex repairs the hair fiber depth and surface. A deep treatment for brittle or damaged hair. This energizing shampoo also protects hair from external factors such as the icy wind or a heavy downpour and treats split ends. Full size: 250 ml & price: 19,90 €."

Same for this product as for the other Kérastase product, I already tried it once and my hair was pretty good after. It was easier to comb my hair and they were slightly straighter than usual. ^^ 

Le Couvent des Minimes - Eau des Missions 'Botanical Fragrance' (30 ml) 

"This cologne Couvent des Minimes, is pure nostalgia. It's fragrance is a tribute to the Missionaries of Mary who, for a long time, committed to human causes around the world, from India to South America. Passion for botany, they studied the benefits of plants. This mixture of the world does not leave you indifferent. This water scent combines citrus three and seven plants, selected because of their beneficial properties. Tip: put a drop of it on your sheets and fly to the sweet world of dreams ... Full size: 100 ml & price: 26,00 €."

Ohhh, I can't wait to try this on my sheets. It smells really really amazing!!!!

Weleda - nourishing body lotion with Seabuckthorn
(10 ml)

"The word evokes rather buckthorn than something pungent, unpleasant, but very quickly we were surprised by this powerful plant. The flesh and seeds of berries indeed contain an oil rich in antioxidant vitamins. This oil supports the natural regeneration of the skin and protects it from drying out our battered by winter skin. This body lotion is especially pleasant in the winter for sunny citrus scent awakens memories of warm summer evenings.  Full size: 100 ml & 15,50 €."

Hmmm this is the kind of citrus scent I don't like, smells bitter. We'll see....

Weleda - Regenerative hand cream with pomegranate

"The Greeks and Egyptians already knew: the grenade is a concentrate of vitality and full of vitamins and antioxidants that help improve the health and beauty. Weleda has developed, in collaboration with POM Wonderful, this hand cream environmentally responsible that fights skin aging, prevents the formation of pigmented spots and treats intensively. Give yourself a little more often hand massage because this exotic aroma is absolutely soothing. Full size : 50 ml & price: 8,99 €."

Love the scent of pomegranate! Only tried it once on my hands. I'll keep you updated.

Arkopharma - Forcapil (full size)

"It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and occasionally, balanced meals take a hit. So complete your meal aves food supplements Forcapil. What does this have to do with beauty? we will tell you. Well, the formula containing zinc, vitamins and minerals, Forcapil stimulates the production of keratin, a protein that gives spring and shine to hair and makes stronger nails while stimulating their growth. Beautiful from head to toe, then! Full size: 60 capsules & price: 13,00 €."

Awwwww this is pretty cool. Never in my life would I have guessed that I would receive a product like that in a beauty box. ^^ This is my favorite product from this month's box!!! I once took similar pills and they really helped, unfortunately I find them a bit pricey to take them non stop. Thank you Deauty team for this amazing opportunity! The only thing that's not so great is that they smell terrible and probably won't taste any better either. But I already went through that once or twice and I can't wait for the result.

Final thoughts: I'm pretty satisfied with THIS box. I feel a bit sorry that it's my last box but who knows maybe I decide to continue getting them... (to be continued?)

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  1. Looks like a really nice box!
    Here boxes always charge shipping, usually around 3,5€!

    Take care, have a wonderful day :3


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