Monday, March 17, 2014

My Liquid Sand Nailpolish Wheel!

Heeey guys,

I promised I'll show you what my latest bought nail polishes look like and so I kind of swatched them on a nail polish wheel, together with the rest of my liquid sand polishes and I'm almost filling one whole wheel. I'm a HUGE fan of this sand texture on the nails, it is a great feeling on the nails and it's something different than normal people would probably wear, and who likes to be normal? C'mon ;)


As you can see it's a light to dark range from 4 different nail polish brands.

1. Rimmel London Space Dust #003 Aurora - 2. P2 Sand Style #010 adorable - 3. P2 Sand Style #020 lovesome - 4. P2 Sand Style #060 strict - 5. P2 Sand Style #050 confidential - 6. P2 Sand Style #090 opulent - 7. P2 Sand Style #110 classy - 8. P2 Sand Style #080 lovely - 9. OPI Alcatraz... rocks - 10. Catrice Luxury Lacquers C04 The Big Bling Theory - 11. Catrice Crushed crystals 02 PLUMdog Millionaire - 12. Catrice #05 Stardust - 13. Catrice #01 Royal REDing - 14. Catrice #06 Call Me Princess - 15. Catrice #04 Oyster & Champagne


1. RL Space Dust #003 Aurora: pale golden pink/champagne with some silver sparkles
2. P2 Sand Style #010 adorable: bright baby pink color with small and big silver sparkles
3. P2 Sand Style #020 lovesome: red with small red and gold glitter
4. P2 Sand Style #060 strict: light grey color with small and big silver sparkles
5. P2 Sand Style #050 confidential: grey/blue color with small gold, pink and violet glitter
6. P2 Sand Style #090 opulent: green color with small green sprakles
7. P2 Sand Style #110 classy: light black color with small blue and red glitter
8. P2 Sand Style #080 lovely: purple with silver and purple sparkles

RImmel London Aurora has a thick brush and also a thick formula but once it's applied it turns into a really beautiful dried texture with great matt finish. You need 2 coats of it. I LOVE this color, it's a princess dream and reminds me a lot of OPIs Teenage Dreams (Katy Perry collection, LE).
I picked up 7 of the P2 Sand Style polishes, there are 3 or 4 more (which I didn't like the colors a lot or they were not available at the store). These are not even 2 € but so damn great. They all have a matt finish. 2 coats are enough, the lasting is okay, chips after 3 days. The rang of colors is super great and the sand feeling is definitely giving. I only can recommand these.

 9. OPI Alcatraz... rocks: dark blue/purple with gold, pink & purple sparkles, similar to 5.
10. Catrice  C04 The Big Bling Theory: sheer purple with small pink and big pruple glitter, not really a liquid sand polish

11. Catrice 02 PLUMdog Millionaire: sheer plum color with small purply-blue and pink shimmer
12. Catrice #05 Stardust: light grey/champagne color with small silver/white sparkles

13. Catrice #01 Royal REDing: bright red color with small holo shimmer

14. Catrice #06 Call Me Princess: bright pink-peach with a mix of gold and pink shimmer
15. Catrice #04 Oyster & Champagne: clear base with gold and rosegold shimmer
gold shimmer with rosegold hexes

OPI 'Alcatraz... rocks' was love on first sight at Sephora. The way this polish sparkled knocked me totally off that I HAD to buy it. It looks pretty similar to P2 'confidential' but the color base of this one is more purple while confidential is more blue. It also has a matt finish and a great forumula. 2 coats, long lasting.
The Catrice Crushed Crystals look similar to the range of colors P2 provides but these are brighter, more shimmery (than glittery) and they don't have a matt finish compared to the colors from P2 thought and what I didn't like about these is that you almost need 3 coats to get a good opaque coverage. I only tried Oyster & Champagne on my fingers so far and this color totally disappointed me, it is so sheer that you probably need 4-5 coats to get it opaque. Might look good with another light pink color as base thought! The other colors look actually good to me and I'm going to try Stardust next. And then this absolutly stunning looking color 'Call Me Princess', I can't show you the full beauty of this color in it's bottle. It's so amazing, never seen a color like this and so I can't wait to see what it will look like on my nails but I already love the result on the nailwheel ^^

If you wanna get this sand feeling on your nails too then I highliy recommand you the P2 sand polishes, they are so cheap but so great and they have the biggest color range. 




  1. Lovely collection! I love sand effect, too! I have only 10 sand nail polishes, but I want more! :) Sadly in my country P2 is not available :'(

  2. Wooo so many pretty nail polishes *__*
    OPI is my favourite <3

    Take care, have a nice day!*


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