Monday, April 7, 2014


Hi guys,

I hope you missed me. I didn't write a post in the last 2 weeks cuz I had so many ideas but so less time and I finally decided to do this post first in which I'm showing you a little selection of a few dresses that I fell in love with instantly on instagram. 



get it >>> HERE <<<

I love this purple playsuit with pink flowers :D sooooo pretty and my colors.

get it >>> HERE <<<
I'm still into plaid and this is not too much. It's cut very nicely, just a bit too short for my taste.

get it >>> HERE <<<

I saw a similar skirt at Zara but the lace on this one is bigger and that's why I like it better :)

I haven't ordered yet from this online store but I guess it's one of these many australian online stores like lookbookstore. They have amazing dresses and playsuits :D I could like buy everything there and I might give it a try and order something soon. If you feel the same about their stuff, I suggest you to take one size bigger since australian sizes are not the same as european and american sizes.


get it >>> HERE <<<

And another lovely playsuit! This is also an australian brand. Same goes for this as for all the other dresses, order one size bigger. Delivery might take some time.



get it >>> HERE <<<

as seen on Luisa Lion from

click >>HERE<< if you wanna see more pictures of her outfit!

I feel like this might look on me as good as on Luisa cuz I have a larger bust size too and this dress still suits her great. 

get it >>> HERE <<<

This is a similar dress as the blue one above but then again different. It's also available in blue and I think a few online stores are selling this one but I haven't seen it cheaper yet than on this one. And since I heard like 2-3 good reviews on CHICWISH I would feel more save ordering it from them.

These two dresses are also made in China so order one size bigger. Delivery how ever might take some time thought.


get it >>> HERE <<<

This parka is like everything! Such a great color for this new season :D You can also google this dress since a few online stores are selling it. You can even find some of the Madison Square clothes on Teal & Tala. (but not this one)


get it >>> HERE <<<

I don't feel like I could wear crop topped dresses yet but if I make it and loose some more weight I'm totally gonna order this and wear it this summer. I'm not such a girly girl but this dress is so pretty and we girls deserves sometimes something pretty so that we can feel like princesses :P


get it >>> HERE <<<

as seen on Hanadi Beauty (check her out on instagram)

And another playsuit... The last one I swear. I feel like they might be IN this year. Actually you can't do anything wrong with playsuits. Always loved them. ^^

I already ordered on lookbookstore before. It can take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks till you get the delivery. The quality is pretty good you just have to make sure to order one size bigger than you wear usually cuz their stuff runs pretty small.




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