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Zoeva, Tarte, Coastal Scents - My Big Haul!

Hi my lovelies!!!

I placed a few orders 2 weeks ago and got them all this week. So I thought of doing a little haul post for you. It's about 3 great brands you might know or not yet. 2 of them are also new to me and one I love since last year. Here is


I felt like I need more brushes for the face, especially for powder, foundation and the cheeks. And since I gave almost my whole Zoeva set I already owned away (to a friend who had none at all) I wanted to order new Zoeva brushes and decided to go for the face brush set which looks like this:

Plus there is a little brush cleanser that comes with it too. Only used them once so far. I'm not at all disappointed about them but I guess I need more time with them to really give a honest opinion about them.

I also order this beautiful blush palette with it. It's the Zoeva Sun Power palette, which I can't wait to use as soon as it's sunnier outside:

Really good pigmentation so far. There is even a color that reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasmn. Also can't wait to use this in a tutorial.


Tarte cosmetics is a brand that is more and more growing in the makeup world. It's available in the US Sephora stores but not yet here in Europe, I hope this will soon be over and that tarte products will found their place in the local stores.The wonderfull wonderfull Lina from Lina'sBeautyDiary (<<< FOLLOW HER) brought me two palettes of this amazing brand from her New York City trip last week. One of these palettes I wanted to get for sure, the other she chosed for me since the Lorac palette (I also wanted) wasn't available. A HUGE THANKS AGAIN to her <3

Tarte Amazonian clay eye and cheek palette:

What an amazing design!!!!!! I fell immediately in love with this palette when I saw it for the very first time in a Youtube video. It looks like a purse. Like a beautiful purse. And is perfect for travel.

It includes two blushes and 6 eyeshadows all different from each other:

I swatched the blushes for you and the upper eyeshadow row:

Two example looks that you can create with this palette, given by tarte.

Tarte natural eyes volume II palette:

Another tarte palette that is very beautiful, handy and in purse style. I don't know if all their palette are supposed to look like a purse, I'm not that familiar with this brand yet.

This palette includes 10 natural eyeshadows, the upper row has only matte colors while the lower row only has shimmery colors. Also it contains a little eyeshadow brush and a eye pencil in brown.


The pigmentation of the tarte shadows look good to me. I haven't been wearing any of the tarte colors yet so I can't tell anything more about them yet but I sure will in the futur. (or maybe edit this post)

This is probably the Us counterpart to the german brand Zoeva. I ordered two fo the GO palettes, 3x the pro blending fluff brush and the 22 brush set!

Coastal Scents Beijing & London GO palettes:

Each palette includes 12 mini colors and each palette is representing an international city. There are some more like Paris, Cairo, Sydney, Moscow,... . I looked at some reviews before buying them and was aware of the fact that not all of the 12 colors are the same pigmented but I'm looking forward to try them and well see what I think of them.

Pro blending Fluff brush:

I'll guess you can never have enough blending brushes. Wayne Goss was introducing me to this brush. He said it like the MAC 217 just in the cheap version. One costs 4,95$ while the 217 cost about 25$ if not more. I might do a comparison post with other 217 dupes.


Coastal Scents 22 Brush Set:

So this is the brush set I ordered along with the other stuff. It has a nice synthetic leather case with the big Coastal Scents letters on it. What I didn't like about this set is the smell that came with it when I outpacked it but after a few hours it was gone, nows it slighty smelling like synthetic.


There is a big fan brush on the left side when you open it and a zipper next to it with a bit of storage place for other stuff you might wanna carry with this set.

And this is what the whole thing looks like :)

From L to R: 1. Large Fan, 2. Powder Buffer, 3. Round Powder, 4. Flat Buffer, 5. Angle Blush, 6. Foundation, 7. Concealer, 8. Large Shadow, 9. Blender, 10. Doe Foot Blender, 11. Dome Shadow, 12. Dome Blender, 13. Medium Shadow, 14. Detail Shadow, 15. Lip, 16. Detail Concealer, 17. Pointed Blender, 18. Brow, 19. Smudger Sponge, 20. Large Liner/Brow, 21. Medium Liner/Brow, 22. Small Liner/Brow:

LIKE: the price of 35$, certainly a good set for beginners
DISLIKE: The brush are not numbered neither is written on them what they are from, you have to trust the description of the page and kind of learn it by heart.

Brush guards:

I decided to get and try brush guards. They are supposed to help the brushes stay in their form once they are cleaned and not used.

My little gift from Coastal Scents:

I got this little palette of 4 eyeshadow colors as a gift with my order. ^^ Very nice and cute! yay

So as a few times mentioned above, all these products are new and I haven't used them not that much or at all to do already reviews about them but I will and the respective reviews will come. ;)

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  1. You bought a lot of nice thing..Enjoy them

  2. So many amazing products *-*
    I asked a friend from Germany to get me a eye set from Zoeva (because if I get it directly I would pay more shipping than send her the money and ask her to get them)
    I would love if the Tarte sold their products in Europe. We will probably be able to get them when we don't expect. Just like The Balm products started to get sold into European Shops with fair prices and without custom problems. (their blushes and eyeshadow's are really pretty btw!)

    I would to see your review on these brushes if possible :3


  3. Beautiful products and awesome review!!! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra


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